Paper Submission

Call for Papers, 2012


The committee for the 3rd Annual Academic High Altitude Conference is proud to announce a call for papers for this year’s conference, June 27th-29th.  This year the conference will be held at Trevecca Nazarene University, located in Nashville, TN.  Papers submissions are requested from professionals, faculty, staff and students that are involved in High Altitude Ballooning in their respective programs.  This year the conference will focus on the topics provided below.  Authors are encouraged to submit papers for projects at all stages of development.  All abstracts must be submitted on or before May 11th 2012.  Full papers must be submitted by June 11th in order to be presented at the conference.

2012 Conference Topics

Research Projects with High Altitude Ballooning

  • Meteorology and atmospheric science
  • Physics and space science
  • Environmental science and remote sensing
  • Chemistry and biology
  • Collaborative and cross-disciplinary projects

Operational Capabilities for High Altitude Ballooning

  • Launch systems and prediction tools
  • Data logging and communication systems
  • Real-time and programmable control systems
  • Flight stability and return systems
  • Tracking and recovery
  • Engineering special mission requirements

Educational Opportunities with High Altitude Ballooning

  • Balloon flights in K-12 STEM education
  • Balloon flights in core undergraduate courses
  • Balloon flights in advanced lab courses
  • Collaborations between the university and the public through balloon flights

Abstracts –
 100 to 250 words.  May be submitted in .odt, .doc, .docx, .pdf or LaTeX format

Full Papers - Papers may be submitted in .odt, .doc, .docx, .pdf or LaTeX format.  However, all papers will be converted to PDF format for the conference CD and on the website.  Specific guidelines will be sent to authors upon notice of acceptance.

Presentation submissions - Presentations materials must be submitted by June 18th to be included in the conference CD.  Materials submitted after June 18th will only be available from the conference website.  Presentation files in .pdf, .ppt or .pptx format are highly recommended.  


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