Exercise & Sport Science

The Department of Exercise and Sport Science offers three separate degree programs in areas related to fitness, wellness, education, rehabilitation, maximization of performance, and management. The broad areas of sport, fitness, and sport-related health care provide many career opportunities. Each degree plan offers various choices for an area of specialization. These plans allow students in the program to gain more in-depth study and preparation for their chosen career paths. Another distinctive aspect of the courses offered in the degree programs is the intentional focus on seeking biblically based wisdom and discernment as it applies to each academic application. Each degree program requires an internship and field experience, providing students with “real world” experience and networking opportunities.  Some of the department’s degree programs even lead to certification or direct admittance to graduate programs.

The degrees offered in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science are

  • Sports Management (6 concentration areas)
  • Exercise Science (7 concentration areas)
  • Physical Education

Exercise Science

The exercise science major explores aspects of human motion for health and fitness, sports and conditioning, and continued studies in fields of therapy. By examining joints, actions, muscles, forces, laws of motion, and energy pathways, we can help provide safer training, faster times, stronger lifts, improved endurance, increased max VO2, and better biomechanics of motion for improved health and fitness or sport. Each area of concentration gives students a specific focus in exercise science-related vocations and an understanding of how biblical principles apply to the application of exercise science vocations. Some examples of employment in exercise science-related fields include athletic training, fitness management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and personal training.  

The BS in exercise science degree allows students to choose from six areas of concentration:

  • Pre Occupational Therapy
  • Pre Physical Therapy / Athletic Training
  • Nutrition
  • Sport Psychology
  • Fitness Management
  • Fitness Industry and Sales
  • Personal Training Strength and Conditioning

Sports Management

Sports and the sports industry are multi-billion-dollar businesses in the United States, and as a result of their importance, they offer many job opportunities for those who are prepared with a degree specific to sport. Sport-specific majors offer a distinct advantage in obtaining a job within the specific context of sport. Each area of concentration gives students a specific focus in sports related vocations and an understanding of how Biblical principles apply to the management of sport. Some examples of employment in sports include:  coaching, front office management in professional sports, college and high school athletic administrators, recreational sport managers, sports marketing, event management, facility management, sports economics, sport finance, sport broadcasting / information and sport ministry.

The bachelor of science degree in sports management allows students to choose from six areas of concentration:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Coaching / Recreation
  • Broadcasting
  • Sport Psychology
  • Sports Ministry

Physical Education

The physical education major is designed to prepare a teacher candidate for a career as a physical education teacher in grades K - 12. Field experiences include observation and participation in grades K - 12 in public school settings. The major also provides students the opportunity to gain an endorsement in health education. Lesson planning, classroom management, and implementation of faith and biblical applications are included in courses and field experiences. A semester-long student teaching experience is the culminating requirement of the physical education major.

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