Historians and political scientists alike believe that the perceptions of people different from us in time, space, and life-expressions are built upon our understanding of our own social, historical, and political experience. The program's goal, therefore, is to promote understanding of modern societies through the methods of the historian and the political scientist. Students desiring to enter the professional fields of teaching, historic preservation, museum-related work, and all levels of government service may select History, History/Political Science, or History Education as major fields. In addition, minors in History, and Political Science may be selected to back up work in any area of study.

History and Political Science faculty jointly advise History Education majors with the School of Education.  The School of Education also relies on our Political Science component to offer Political Science courses for an add-on licensure endorsement in “Government.”

In addition, the program offers Pre-Law advising, which is often (but not necessarily) organized around a History major or a History/Political Science major.  Each student is counseled to choose a course of study tailored to meet his or her particular interests, which will maximize his or her chances of gaining admittance to law school and successfully completing graduate work in legal studies.