B.S. in Music Education

A Bachelor of Science in Music Education is a liberal arts degree that gives the student musician a holistic approach to higher education.  Students who successfully complete the Music Education program at Trevecca and who complete the requisite National Praxis tests will receive a Music-K-12 (Instrumental or Choral) license to teach in Tennessee.  Graduates from this program now teach in many high schools across the country with that state's certification. Please visit the School of Education webpage  to learn more about the program.

General Education Core (59-62 Hours)
Music Major Core (34 Hours)
MUS  1060  Music Technology  (2)
MUS  2010 Theory I (2)
MUS  2020 Theory II (2)
MUS  3010 Theory III (2)
MUS  3020 Theory IV (2)
MUS  2060 Aural Theory I (2)
MUS  2070 Aural Theory II (2)
MUS  3060 Aural Theory III (2)
MUS  3070 Aural Theory IV (2)
MUS  2410 History I (2)
MUS  2420 History II (2)
MUS  3410 History III (2)
MUS  3420 History IV (2)
MUS  3100 Elementary Conducting (2)
MUS  3110 Advanced Conducting (2)
MUS  4010 Orchestration (3)
                   Certification in First Aid and CPR

Music Performance Minor (18-19 Hours)
MUS  1200 Recital Attendance  (0) (Six Satisfactory Semesters Required)
MUS  Applied, Lower Division  (4 one hour classes) (4)
MUS  Applied, Upper Division  (4 one hour classes) (4)

MUS  3600 Keyboard Proficiency  or Class Piano I,II,III,IV passed with average of B- or above (0-4)
MUS  4600 Senior Recital for Music Majors (0)
MUS  1830 Wind Ensemble/ MUS 1841 Trevecca Symphony Orchestra (Instrumental) (7)
MUS  1820 - Choral Union (Choral) (6)
For Vocal/General endorsement - Applied Study Lower/Upper Division will be Voice and the Ensemble will consist of Choral Union.
For Instrumental endorsement - Applied Study Lower/Upper Division will be Instrumental and the Ensemble will consist of Wind Ensemble.


Professional Secondary Core  (13 Hours)
EDU  1020 Becoming a Teacher (FS-30) (1)
EDU  1500 Foundations of Education (3)
EDU  2011/2012/2013 Early Grades or Middle Grades or Secondary Clinical Field Experience (P-40) (1)
MUS  2800  Elementary and Preschool Music Teaching Methodology (2)
EDU  2825  Instructional and Classroom Management Strategies for Performance Based Classes (P-20) (3)
MUS  4170  The Music Educator (3)
EDU  4550  Secondary Methods Clinical Field Experience (1)

Methods for Instrumental Endorsement (4)
MUS  2300  Brass Methods  (1)
MUS  2310  Woodwind Methods  (1)
MUS  2320  String Methods  (1)
MUS  2330  Percussion Methods  (1)

Methods for Vocal Endorsement
MUS  2520 Choral Literature and Pedagogy (2)
MUS  3620 Diction of Singers (3)

Professional Semester
EDU  4600  Student Teaching Seminar (3)
EDU  4630  Opening of School Experience (0)
EDU  4670  Enhanced Student Teaching Secondary (9)

Concurrent Courses
P Includes a practicum
FS Includes a field study
MUS 2800 must be taken concurrently with EDU 2011 or 2012
MUS  4170 must be taken concurrently with EDU 4550.
Proof of Professional Liability ($1 million) required annually
Strongly Recmmended Additional Courses
MUS  3050 Instrument Repair (2)
SOC  3270 Education in an Urban Culture (FS-10) (3)