Vocal Studies Placement

Students wishing to study voice, whether as a music major/minor or for elective credit, must audition with the Director of Vocal Studies. The audition determines whether the student will be placed in remedial class study (Vocal Fundamentals) for the first semester, or be placed in private study. Unless the student wishes to be considered for scholarships (See Scholarships), auditions are held on departmentally selected dates in early and late summer, or by appointment. The audition requirements, which also serve as the basis for scholarship consideration, are as follows:

Elective Study

  • Sing one song or hymn with either piano accompaniment or accompaniment track. The selection does not need to be performed from memory.
  • Echo-sing pitches for aural assessment
  • Sing scales for range assessment

Music Major/Minor
Sing, from memory, two songs using either piano accompaniment or accompaniment track. For students pursuing classical study, one of these songs must be in Italian and the other must be an English art song. For students pursuing commercial study, one song must be classical (in either Italian or an English art song) and the other must be commercial in style.

  • Perform a series of pitch-matching exercises
  • Sing scales for range assessment
  • Sight-read one musical example

Once the prospective student has auditioned, they will be informed of the decision to be placed in Vocal Fundamentals, or begin private study. They may also be assigned to or asked to consider singing in one of the department’s choirs or ensembles.