Audition Guidelines

Application/Audition Guidelines for Music Major Scholarship
Trevecca Nazarene University Department of Music
School of Arts & Sciences



1. Complete Scholarship Application form. This is available on line at

2. Students who do not complete the following audition and application requirements will not be considered for a scholarship. However, they may be considered for a scholarship in a later semester or for Freshmen incentive grants.

3. Music Major auditions may be made in person (preferred), by video tape, or other electronic means.

  1. a)  If auditioning in person, auditions are offered on Saturdays - November 16; January 18; February 2; and February 15.

  2. b)  An accompanist is provided upon request.

  3. c)  If auditioning by Multi-media, audition must be DVD or Digital Video only.

4. VOCAL AUDITION CONTENT - Two solo selections should be presented as follows:

  1. a)  All singers must demonstrate both pitch-matching and sight-reading skills through

    exercises provided by the Director of Vocal Studies.

  2. b)  All singers must sing two selections from memory with accompaniment. Commercial

    songs may be presented with track.

  3. c)  Classical voice students, one song must be in Italian (such as those found in the 24 Italian

    Art Songs and Arias collection by G. Schirmer), and one must be an English Art Song.

  4. d)  Commercial voice students, one song may be Italian OR may be an English Art song, plus

    one commercial song in any style.

  5. e)  Elective Study: Demonstrate pitch-matching skills. Sing one song or hymn (from memory

    is optional) with accompaniment.


At least one prepared piece, preferably two that would qualify for high school music competition showing your technical and musical skills. Memorization not required.


  1. a)  Woodwinds/Brass
    The following excerpts should be performed. They should be 16-24 Measures in length and may be selected from:
    Solo; Etude Book; Ensemble; Band Part
         i) Slow/Lyrical
         ii) Fast/Technical

  2. b)  Strings

               i) Two stylistically contrasting excepts will be performed from the standard solo literature
               ii) Each except should last approximately one minute in length

          c) Play an excerpt of a Jazz (Swing) selection if you are planning to participate in the Jazz
program at Trevecca.

          d) Play a short, one minute piece on any instrument that you double on. Memorization not


  1. a)  Guitar/Bass
    Scales; Arpeggios; two contrasting pieces that include note reading.

  2. b)  Percussion
    Drum Set; Mallets; Timpani; Snare Drum

    See website below for these additional files to accompany diagnostic: Drumset Funk Chart.pdf
    Drumset Chart A Little Tougher.jpg

    A Little Tougher.mp3

    Drumset Chart Affordable.jpg Affordable.mp3
    Drumset Chart 4Way Coordination.jpg Drumset Sight Reading Jazz.jpg Drumset Sight Reading New Breed.jpg dept/new-student-orientation/percussion-placement

Repertoire - Submit at the time of audition, a list of solo selections, with composer, which you have performed in the past two years. This list should be typewritten.

Auditions video data file or DVD should be sent to the following:

Trevecca Nazarene University Attn: Chair, Department of Music 333 Murfreesboro Road Nashville, TN 37210

Auditions must be accompanied by Scholarship Application. Application and guidelines are also available on our website at

Application and audition submission deadline is March 3, 2014.

5) Announcement of music major scholarship awards will be made in early March. All scholarships are, of course, subject to regulations of the Dean of Admissions and Director of Student Financial Aid.


Scholarships are awarded each year based on departmental need, scholastic excellence in music and performing ability. Application for scholarship consideration can be requested from the Department of Music.

Requirements of scholarship recipients as follows:


  1. Student must be a music major.

  2. Recipient is to be paid fall semester and spring semester.

  3. Recipient is to take private lessons in his/her performance area each semester, regardless of degree requirements.

  4. Recipient is to perform each semester in an assigned choral or instrumental music department ensemble regardless of degree requirements.

    1. Students must have 3 hours minimum contact time in ensembles each week.

    2. Every vocal student must be in Choral Union.

    3. Every wind and percussion student must be in Wind Ensemble; however, a substitute ensemble may be assigned based on departmental need.

    4. Every guitar student must be in a guitar ensemble based on departmental need and Fall and Spring audition results.

  5. Recipient must maintain an overall GPA of 2.50.

  6. A grade of "F" in a music course is an automatic forfeiture of the scholarship for the following semester.

  7. Recipient must perform in at least one recital during the semester when studying private lessons.

  8. Pass Recital Attendance. To pass recital attendance student must attend the required number of recitals/concerts during each semester.