Accounting Internships

Student Comments:
"I was given an opportunity to work in and learn from a variety of departments. I learned a lot about how a successful company in the music business is run. Maybe the most valuable learning experience was shadowing the purchasing manager for a day."  (Michael Duke)

"I had a very well rounded experience with being able to work in two different departments, Accounting and Administration. I had a variety of projects and was able to make great connections. I also had a wonderful working relationship with my supervisor. She asked me to do many different activities and projects, so that I could learn as much about the company as I possibly could. I definitely acquired many organizational skills." (LeAnn Thomas)

"I was given the ability to take ownership over different projects, reports, and presentations. This allowed me the opportunity to feel like I was making a positive difference within the company in addition to knowing the information and data inside and out. In addition, I was given exposure to different types of meetings, including that with a Six Sigma project." (Derek Henrichs)