Information Technology Internships

Student Comments:
"While interning for the Nashville Predators, I got to image their entire Gala Ball Event and saw the process from start to finish. Through this internship, I have found that I can design on that large of a stage and be successful at it. I just look forward to becoming a better and better designer." (Daniel Brenneman)

"I really liked having an active involvement that dealt with projects for companies like AFLAC, Mazda, R.J. Reynolds, Bridgestone, and JCPenney. My working relationship with my supervisor could not have been any better. His ability of communicating ideas was amazing. He spent so much time with me whenever I needed his help. With being involved in motion graphics, I now have a better understanding of how things work in a real production environment, and I have also found a couple of options to help further my studies."  (Marcos Salvi)

"I enjoyed working in a very positive atmosphere.  I especially enjoyed the teamwork projects, where I was able to go and work with other staff members on fieldwork projects."  (Lillian Mwangi)

"Through my internship in the Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) at Trevecca Nazarene University, I was able to see how to migrate from exchange 5.5 to exchange 2003. We even got to work through some problems in the system, and that was very helpful to my learning even more about the technology field."  (Nick Bodnar)

"I rate my internship experience with Oak Ridge National Laboratory with a 10. I really enjoyed meeting some wonderful people, and I was given some great projects that related to my major."  (Matt Fields

"While interning with the Christian Artist Association, I learned more about the music industry and how demanding it is to have the best type of marketing, especially on the Internet." (Robert Harris)

"One of my greatest  learning experiences was through my internship at ePartners. I was able to contribute on a project which entailed documentation and coding.  I want to further pursue a career in software development."  (Nicholas Kroes)

"I enjoyed the benefits of being in a corporate setting which provided knowledge of the business dynamics necessary to succeed. My internship with CLARCOR Inc. was a great experience."  (Jeffrey Whiting)

"One of the most positive learning experiences I had while interning was working with servers. This internship showed me that I have talents, but I need to slow down when working through my assignments so I do not make mistakes." (Sunebari Gift Ndam)