Management Internships

Student Comments:
"One of the most positive experiences I had while interning with Rita McDonald was when she allowed me to conduct a meeting at the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce." (Tracy Uscinski

"What I enjoyed the most was learning the interior aspects of a major corporation. I was able to meet everyone from the ground level to the CEO and the CFO, and they all treated me the same. Through "hands on" experience, I was able to learn and understand the methods for accounts payable procedures, from filling out checks to entering the data into the computer. I also had a great supervisor, who really appreciated all of my efforts."  (Aaron Denton)

"During my internship it was great just learning things that I will be able to apply to the rest of my working life. Interning at the Trevecca Towers Retirement Community taught me to have much more patience by working with elderly people." (Brandon Jones)

"I learned a lot about running a small business in a fun Christian environment. This experience taught me much about the appraisal business. "  (Kyle Todd)

"I gained better interpersonal communication skills. My supervisor and I had a strong relationship. He did a great job, and I could not have asked for a better mentor."  (Greg Blakeman)

"I learned a lot not only by watching and listening, but also through one-on-one talks with my supervisor about planning and how to use critical thinking skills with useful information. I really enjoyed being able to work in a Christian atmosphere."  (Kristi Dettra)

"My internship with Fleet One was a very positive experience. I was able to work in a sales environment as well as dealing with all the office duties. I was involved with accounts payable, marketing teams, sales teams, senior management, and general daily operations. I was also given the opportunity to work with clients and initiate sales."  (Mike Babinicz)

"I learned how to deal with a great variety of people including all kinds of attitudes along with many different beliefs and backgrounds in my internship with Takes 2 Fitness. I am grateful for the experience."  (Kendall Gregory)

"During my internship at Simplicity Creative Group I learned practical life applied interpersonal communications first and foremost.  I learned how to apply the quality tool of flow-charting in a distribution center, process documentation, and a chance at a Six Sigma greenbelt project." (Sade Jones)

"Through my internship at CAI Personnel Search Group, I got to experience the interviewing and hiring process. This has allowed me to see that I would like to go into the recruiting field."  (Elycia Hunt)

"I enjoyed the learning experience of my internship with Masters Construction. I was exposed to the interaction and management of many subcontractors. I also got the opportunity to communicate and attend to many of the  needs of the homeowners."  (Travis Rexroth)

"In my internship with Chick-fil-a, I enjoyed getting out in the community and meeting new people while learning marketing and training skills that will benefit me in the future."  (Breanne Faulkner)

"I was able to learn how to incorporate business and church through my internship at Radical Mission, Inc. I was able to see the importance of good communication skills.  I also got the opportunity to work with the Nazarene general headquarters at the district level."  (Ryan Brown)

"I learned an incredible amount about inventory and managing it during my internship at Cellular Sales of Middle Tennessee. Also, I learned how to effectively set up and market a new store, while also learning about the system and how to process returns and assets." (Will Scism)

"Through my internship at Ray Bell Construction Company, I learned to become a much better listener, and I learned many things about the field in which I will be working."  (Ashleigh Mullens)