Marketing Internships

Student Comments:
"The staff was very willing to show me the basics into the music industry. My assignments changed from day to day, so there was always something new to learn. I actually got to interact with other record label companies and band members. The company was very organized and very willing to explain "why" I was doing specific duties. Everyone was very friendly and professional."  (Michael Kuzina)

"I learned the inner workings of real estate deals, and what it takes to keep a real estate firm running on a daily basis. My internship gave me much insight as to the real estate market, where I learned to develop many skills, such as time management.   (Joel Widmer)

"My internship with World Relief was a great experience. I enjoyed learning how to use the Publisher software program. I also learned how to communicate with different cultures within the service. I really enjoyed tutoring a Cuban family in English."  (Alissa Hardin)

"I was able to exercise my people skills and build some lasting relationships with adults and children through my internship at Northwest YMCA."  (Brandon Howard)

"I learned how to balance multiple events and projects, and how not to overextend yourself in multiple activities." (Brian Watts)

"I had the best experience through my internship with Titans Radio. I was in charge of seeing a side of the NFL, where I was responsible for the contact, setup, and execution of the schools. My supervisor was great, and he would be an excellent mentor to any student.  (Jenn Pitoscia)

"My internship with made me realize that I do have the talents and capabilities to work in this field. I had a great supervisor that highly complimented me for my efforts with the new website design."   (Amy Anderson)

"Because of my internship with Compass Companies, I now have a job after I graduate from college.  I loved the environment and the people with whom I worked.  I look forward to getting more experience in the Selig end of the field."  (Valerie Hicks)

"The major insights that I gained from my internship with Top Notch Talent (TNT), was being able to work on large scale projects. I was able to go through the whole process of booking a date with a venue. I was responsible for making sure that contracts were correct and issued."  (Jackie Weaver)