Music Business

Students wanting to pursue a career in the business of music should consider the Music Business Concentration.  Part of the School of Business, TNU’s Music Business Program includes a full core of business classes as well as a variety of music business courses including Artist Management, Music Publishing, Music Industry Law, Record Label Operations, Concert Management and Music Marketing.  Graduates of the Music Business Program receive a Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a Music Business Concentration.

While completing their in-classroom coursework students will also have three separate opportunities to intern with top Nashville music companies.  As part of our program students have had the opportunity to work with companies such as Sony Music, Big Machine Records, Starstruck Entertainment, and Provident Music Group impacting the careers of artists like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, TobyMac, and the Newsboys.

Music Business students will also have an opportunity to participate in the student-run record label and publishing company,  Consuming Worship.  Created through a partnership with Lillenas Publishing, Consuming Worship provides students with hands-on experience in creating, marketing and distributing worship songs and recordings.

In addition to the required General Education courses, students choosing the Music Business Concentration as their program of study will complete the following courses:

Music Business Concentration Courses

BUS 2300 Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Small Business Mgmt 3
ITI 1900 Business Information Technology 2
MCM 1050 Introduction to Recording Studio 2
MUB 1100 Survey of Music Business I 3
MUB 1150 Survey Practicum in Music Business 2
MUB 1710 Music Industry Law 3
MUB 1720 Field Experience in Music Business 2
MUB 2220 Music Publishing 3
MUB 3200 Marketing in the Music Industry 2
MUB 3210 Concert Management 2
MUB 3300 Artist Management 2
MUB 3500 Operation of a Recording Company 3
MUB 4510 Music Business Internship 4


Business Administration Core Courses

ACT 2210 Principles of Accounting I 3
ACT 2220 Principles of Accounting II 3
BUS 3020 Statistics for Business I 3
BUS 3030 Principles of Management and Organzational Behavior 3
BUS 4030 Business Finance 3
BUS 4040 Business Law I 3
BUS 4110 Business Policies 3
ECO 2000 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ECO 2010 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECO 3070 Global Economy 3
MKT 3100 Principles of Marketing 3