Music Business Internships

Student Comments:
"My internship with PK Pictures has helped to shape what I want to do with my life. This internship has been the most valuable part of my college experience."  (Josh Kelley)

"I loved working with the Country Music Association (CMA) Festival...During this internship, I've had to arrange meetings with other staff in order to get certain information. In school everything is given to you, but in a workplace you must take initiative in order to complete your responsibilities." (Avonel Houck)

"I have appreciated the open opportunities that I have been given through different tasks, and especially in situations that required the supervisor to exercise his trust and confidence in me. It has been great experience where I had to implement some hard work. I have learned about communication, understanding, respect, and authority. "  (Benjamin Birdwell)

"My internship with the CMA  was extremely hands-on within the music industry.   I learned how to improve my presentation skills, and I was also encouraged to use my creative skills. The overall experience was really good."  (Ashley Fussell)

"I enjoyed my internship with Provident Music Label. I was able to get an overall view of what all is involved in publicity and how it works.  This was a great experience, and it was also very helpful."  (Amanda Smith)

"Through my internship with Creative Trust Inc., I learned so much about management in general, but even more about road management. I possibly have a future with the company after graduation."  (Amber Landry)

"Within my internship at Corner Music Inc., I was able to learn how the sales process works, from buying from the manufacturer/distributor to finally selling to the customer. I found this to be extremely helpful."  (James Kleppinger)

"Through my internship at Servant Heart Ministries, I gained much experience in ACT and DBASE, which are two programs that were frequently used in the music industry.  I also got hands-on experience with creating presentations, newsletters, promo flyers, etcetera. My overall experience was very good."  (Lindsay Haywood)