Advanced Programs

Do you want to learn more about yourself as a leader and how to empower others in education or other fields? Do you enjoy teaching children and youth, giving them learning tools to make positive life choices? Join one of our programs to make your dream a reality. We are committed to quality programs designed on foundational precepts of competence, character, and compassion that prepare individuals for service and leadership in all areas of our communities.

We would like to talk with you to assist your decision to become a teacher or to further your education.

If you want to learn more about teaching and assessment, see the online Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction.

If you want to become a librarian, see Library and Information Science

If you have teaching experience and want a focused master's degree, see English Learners, Teacher Leader, or Vision Institute.

If you have teaching experience and want to be a school administrators, see Educational Leadership.



Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction (online)
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Educational Leadership
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English Learners
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Library and Information Science
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Leading Instructional Improvement for Teachers (Teacher Leader)
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Visual Impairments Special Education 
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Fifth-Year Internship/Master's


Mission and Conceptual Framework