Ed.D. Competencies

EDU 7001      Theories, Structures, and Systems
Competency: The participants define, identify, and promote quality within themselves and in their organization.

EDU 7002     Scientifically-Based Practice: Research I
Competency: Participants will become an effective leader by the following: Evaluating and interpreting current research studies, Making deicsions concerning best practices by applying the research, Carrying out formal or informal action research to solve daily problems

EDU 7003     Strategic Policy and Planning
Competency: The participants understand and demonstrate the various components in planning and developing a strategic policy.

EDU 7004     Scientifically-Based Practice: Research II
Competency: The participants demonstrate an understanding and application of research design including qualitative and quantitative.

EDU 7005     Transformational Learning
Competency: The participants strategize the conceptualization of instructional environments.

EDU 7006     Cultural Influences
Competency: The participants identify and examine the role of diversity within themselves, their careers, and/or in their organizations. The participants apply knowledge about diversity in order to promote positive change.

EDU 7008      Literature Review
Competency:  Participants develop knowledge and expertise in the chosen area of specialization by identifying, examining, and summarizing important academic literature related to the specialization.

EDU 7010      Professional Practice and Research
Competency:  Participants deepen their expertise by synthesizing major knowledge and related issues,  thereby become expert in the chosen field of study.

EDU 7051     Intrapersonal Effectiveness
Competency: The participants demonstrate self-awareness and the desire and ability to continually improve in the defined areas of personal management.

EDU 7052      Collaborative Teamwork & Team Development
Competency: The participant understands and utilizes the theories, skills, strategies, and activities relative to leadership, group behavior, and team effectiveness.

EDU 7053     Creating Effective Organizations
Competency: The participants understand and utilize a comprehensive, systematic organizational performance management system.

EDU 7151     Technology
Competency: Participants will be able to effectively use technology to successfully produce research and convey knowledge.

EDU 7152     Technology-Based Statistics
Competency:  Participants will analyze data accurately and draw definite conclusions.

EDU 7201 - 7209  Dissertation
Competency: The participants develops a dissertation proposal, identifies related research, prepares a comprehensive review of related literature, conceptualizes and implements methodology, analyzes and reports data, and prepares and presents defenses and other demonstrations of the dissertation, all with high quality.