Teacher Leader

If you have been a classroom teacher, you realize the need for individuals to support teachers, support the school, and focus on student success. If you would like to be that person in a school, then consider our program designed to equip you to become a Teacher Leader. The master's degree in teacher leadership prepares experienced classroom teachers with knowledge and leadership skills to effectively work with colleagues for the purpose of improving instruction and building student achievement. Through a grant (2011 - 2014) in cooperation with Metro Schools, one cohort of twelve students annually receives tuition for fifteen hours of coursework and a full year of residency experience as mentors to put their knowledge and skills into practice.

Completion of this program should enable graduates to:

  • Conduct quality staff development;
  • Integrate technologies and coach teachers to integrate technology;
  • Be a leader in your school;
  • Conduct data analysis and use that data analysis to improve student learning;
  • Use research and data analysis for school improvement;
  • Create safe and effective learning environments and coach teachers in classroom management skills;
  • Create inclusive classrooms; and
  • Coach teachers to create inclusive classrooms.