LIFT Specializations

At the beginning of each program, each student may declare a content specialization in addition to Curriculum and Instruction/Teacher Leadership, the focus of this degree. Specializations require additional courses and may require additional semester(s) to complete. Completion of specializations in English Language Learners and Reading Specialist may results in recommendation for an additional area of licensure. Instructional technology and numeracy are non-licensure options for specialization.

Curriculum and Instruction

EDU 6705 Practicum Focusing on Staff Development

EDU 6730 Practicum Focusing on School Improvement Planning

EDU 6750 Practicum Focusing on Mentoring/Coaching

EDU 6710 Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning

EDU 6735 Effective Classroom Environments for Teaching and Learning

English Language Learners

ELL 6000 Language Acquisition and Learning

ELL 6010 Trends, Models and Methods in ELL Instruction

ELL 6055 Linguistics for Teachers of English Language Learners

Instructional Technology

ETM 5030 Application Software for Educational Settings

ETM 5040 Instructional Design and Multimedia Authoring

ETM 5050 Technology Planning and Administration

Numeracy Coaching

EDU 6900 Numeracy Specialists K-8


EDU 6905 Numeracy Specialists 6 - 12

EDU 6910 Coaching Algebra and Geometry Teachers K-12

EDU 6915 Analysis and Correction of Math Learning Problems

Reading Specialist

RDG 6000 Advanced Literacy/Reading Instruction: Theory and Practice

RDG 6030 Analysis and Correction of Reading Problems

RDG 6080 Literacy Applications for Secondary Instruction

RDG 6020 Literature and Book Selection for Children and Adolescents (if student does not have a children/adolescent literature course for college credit)