MAT Student Teaching

All students desiring a teaching license and are scheduled to student teach must complete a minimum of 15 weeks (75 days) of enhanced student teaching that includes placements in two different school settings and at two different grade levels. Students will be placed in local school districts in Tennessee. While you are student teaching, your schedule will follow the calendar of the public school. Please plan accordingly as the public school holiday breaks might be at different times than TNU. We strongly recommend you volunteer to observe and assist in the opening days of school in your local school district. Observation of these days will enhance your learning by providing you resources and instruction in classroom management and starting school procedures.

During student teaching you will be informally and formally assessed by your cooperating teacher and formally assessed by your university supervisor 5 times in each placement. Both your cooperating teacher and university supervisors will use an instrument aligned with the current Tennessee assessment system.

Requirements to enter Student Teaching:

  • Successfully complete all required practicum experiences.
  • Successfully complete all required coursework with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better (no grades below C-)
  • A maximum of six hours of C level work
  • Submit candidacy form and be accepted for candidacy

If difficulty arises during the student teaching experience which causes sufficient doubt as to satisfactory completion of student teaching, an assessment interview will be called. Such an interview could lead to: 1) removal from student teaching, 2) an additional student teaching experience, or 3) a decision not to recommend the teacher candidate for licensure.