Mission and Conceptual Framework

School of Education Mission

It is the mission of the School of Education to model competence, character, and compassion so that our students embrace and emulate these qualities in service and leadership.

Conceptual Framework

Being, Knowing, and Doing - Educators: Shaping the Future. This underlying structure of the conceptual framework for the School of Education informs and frames the entire unit.


  • Understands Content
  • Understands Intellectual, Social and Personal Development
  • Understands Diversity


  • Designs Instructional Strategies     
  • Manages and Motivates
  • Communicates and Collaborates
  • Plans and Integrates
  • Evaluates


  • Reflects on Practice
  • Participates in the Professional Community
  • Pursues Spiritual Development

Inherent in Trevecca's heritage, mission, and program is the assumption that because of who we are (Being), we seek to learn (Knowing), and to teach/lead (Doing).