Undergraduate Programs

Do you like working with children and youth? Are you wanting to be a teacher? Classes are for any of you who have recently graduated from high school and for anyone who has not completed a college degree, no matter when you graduated from high school. We offer classes in the daytime hours, the late afternoon and evening hours, and the summer months.

How do our programs prepare you to be an effective teacher? In our programs you will

  • Learn proactive classroom management strategies and techniques;
  • Write lesson plans and teach those lessons in a classroom;
  • Collect and analyze student learning data just as you will in your own classroom;
  • Make accommodations for exceptional learners,
  • Learn strategies for teaching a diverse classroom;
  • Learn how to teach reading and integrate reading in all content areas;
  • Learn content, all part of a strong liberal arts education;
  • Take methods courses designed to teach you best practices;
  • Student teach a minimum of 15 weeks in a local school with the supervision of a cooperating teacher and the mentoring of a supervisor. You might also choose the new Fifth-Year Master's which will include a full year of student teaching.

Would you like more information? We would be happy to send you information and talk with you about our programs. Please contact us.



  • Elementary Education K-6
  • Early Childhood Education PreK-3
  • Business Education 7-12 (additional concentration in Marketing)
  • Biology Education 7 - 12
  • Chemistry Education 7 - 12
  • English Education 7 - 12
  • History Education 7 - 12 (additional concentrations in Economics, Government, and/or Geography)
  • Mathematics Education 7 - 12
  • Music Education 7 - 12
  • Physical Education K-12 (additional concentration in Health)
  • Physics Education 7 - 12
  • Special Education K-12
  • Speech Education 7 - 12
  • Theatre Education K - 12

Non-Licensure (non-teaching)

Studies in Education with minor in Early Childhood, Elementary or Exceptional Student



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