Visual Impairments Special Education

Would you like to learn Braille and how to teach students who are visually impaired? The Vision Institute for the master's degree in Visual Impairments Special Education prepares teachers to work effectively with students who are blind or have visual limitations. This program is in partnership with the Tennessee School for the Blind.

Completion of this program should enable graduates to:

  • Be knowledgeable about special education law;
  • Know fundamentals of visual impairments;
  • Read and write Braille;
  • Expand cultural competencies;
  • Implement interdisciplinary and differentiated teaching strategies;
  • Understand anatomy of the eye and issues of visual learning;
  • Use expanded core curriculum;
  • Conduct assessments for visual impairments; and
  • Work effectively with students with visual impairments.

Scholarships for tuition and fees, funded through a grant from the Tennessee Department of Education, are available for a limited number of participants. If a student is accepted for the scholarship, that student must fulfill the Tennessee Student Service Agreement.

If a student is not accepted for the scholarship, or would prefer to not be required to fulfill the service agreement, a student may be accepted into the program at the regular tuition and fees. Individuals who are not awarded the scholarship might check the TEACH grant for funding possibilities.

Contact us today to learn more about our Vision Institute. Email us at, call us at 615.248.1766, or fill out an application using the "Apply Here" link below.

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