The band Awaken is a group of students representing Trevecca Nazarene University, located in Nashville, Tennessee. We share the good news of Christ through music. Get to know us by connecting on social media, see where we're playing next, and, of course, check out our music.

Press Kit

Band member bios

Michelle Cantrell

Where I'm from: Mayfield, Kentucky
Major: General music (classical voice)
Instruments: Keyboard
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The community at Trevecca is absolutely incredible! I love being surrounded by a group of people who all intentionally care about me spiritually, academically, and physically. I am constantly being lifted up by those around me and challenged to go deeper in my walk with Christ.
Favorite thing about Awaken: Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Getting to do that with my best friends, all the while meeting some incredible people along the way... that's just insane.
Favorite venue I've played: We (kind of) played in a barn once for our music video shoot. That was pretty sweet.
Strangest experience on stage: One time we were in the middle of a worship set (specifically "Cornerstone") when a wasp flew into the tiny sanctuary. The entire congregation left the pews to kill the wasp in the middle of the song. Needless to say, the song was cut short. 
Five things I love: Big Dogs, the beach (and lake), ALL FRUIT, Beyonce, and road trips

Chauncey Arner

Where I'm from: Atlanta, Georgia
Major: Commerical music
Instruments: Guitar
Favorite thing about Trevecca: One-on-one instruction in my field. Our guitar and bass program is phenomenal. My private guitar lessons and seminars are the academic highlight of my week.
Favorite thing about Awaken: I get to travel with my friends.
Favorite venue I've played: War Memorial Auditorium
Strangest experience on stage: One time my gum fell out of my mouth while I was on stage and I caught it in my hand and I never stopped playing. I just acted like it never happened. No one noticed.
Five things I love: Weight lifting, comic books, smoothies, The Walking Dead, and gluten free pizza

Caleb Willis

Where I'm from: Dallas, Texas
Major: Commercial music (vocal performance)
Instruments: Acoustic guitar and voice
Favorite thing about Trevecca: Opportunity to hone my crafts in a Christian community
Favorite thing about Awaken: Opportunity to travel with some of the best friends/musicians I know and proclaim Jesus.
Favorite venue I've played: Highland Park Church of the Nazarene
Strangest experience on stage: We were leading worship at Emmanuel Church of the Nazarene outside of Knoxville, and we began a song I was supposed to lead. I completely forgot the words and in my panic, freaked out, and forgot to look at the screen for lyrics. So instead I mumbled “Lo de bah deh bee deh ho” for about half of the song. A large wasp was flying around the entire time.
Five things I love: The Lord, quality family time, a good laugh, some good Mexican food, and all things Dallas sports

Austin Trey Bush

Where I'm from: Nashville, Tennessee
Major: Commerical music (bass - double bass and electric)
Instruments: Bass, electric, and double bass
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The music program specifically... having the privilege to play with exceptional musicians like Cory Williams, Sam Jennings, Andrew Riley, Austin Lord, Chauncey Arner, Spencer Stevens, and Philip Noel. I also love having the privilege of learning under the direction of Jeff Cox who has never been an easy instructor - he has always tried to challenge me as a musician. I must give my thanks to all of those guys!
Favorite thing about Awaken: The opportunity to meet new people and spread God's message to those people through music.
Favorite venue I've played: Some restaurant in Indiannapolis called Phoenix. Everyone was just glad to be hearing great music. No one cared about the formal setting of the restaurant, they were just up and going around the room dancing to the music. It is my favorite because of how fun that gig was.
Strangest experience on stage: At the same gig mentioned above, a trumpet player was walking past my bass rig and knocked the instrument cable out of the input of my amp. My bass was dead on stage and I was freaking out, trying to get everything put back together because the trumpet player also activated my mute switch on the amp and my tuner pedal. At the time I was kinda mad, but looking back it is quite funny.
Five things I love: Camping, The Scouting Program, my instruments (Esperanza, LOWvanda, and Scarlett), my book collection, and everyone who I can call a friend.

Aaron Fairchild

Where I'm from: Hendersonville, Tennessee (originally Mahomet, Illinois
Major: Music business
Instruments: I run sound (I play guitar and bass, but not for Refuge)
Favorite thing about Trevecca: Close proximity to great concert venues and event centers
Favorite thing about Awaken: Getting to travel all over doing what I love
Favorite venue I've played: I got to play on one of the largest stages at Ichthus Festival one year because our band (Danya) placed 2nd in a battle of the bands
Strangest experience on stage: I've nearly fallen twice while playing, but I've never actually hit the ground. I'm basically a ninja 
Five things I love: Music, disc golf, long boarding, video games, and road trips

Cory Williams

Where I'm from: San Diego, California
Major: Commerical music (drumset performance)
Instruments: Drumset
Favorite thing about Trevecca: Community of love
Favorite thing about Awaken: Being able to lead worship/love students
Favorite venue I've played: The Key Club in Los Angeles
Strangest experience on stage: We played on a floating deck in Mississippi once and the whole stage was rocking back and forth
Five things I love: People, worship, long walks on the beach, puppies, and songwriting

Tour dates

April 2 - 6 | TNT @ TNU 

June 2 - 6 | Alabama North Teen Camp

 June 8 | Dayspring Community Church of the Nazarene

June 10 - 14 | South Carolina Junior High Camp

June 15 - 19 | South Carolina Senior High Camp

June 23 - 27 | East Tennessee Camp

July 1 - 4 | The National Bible Q

July 5 - 6 | Camp Electric at Trevecca

July 7 - 11 | Alabama South Camp

July 13 | Columbia Grace Church of the Nazarene

July 14 - 18 | North Carolina Teen Camp

September 18 | Social Justice Conference at Trevecca Nazarene University

October 31 - November 2 | Georgia Nazarene Fall Retreat

Booking contact

Randy Kinder
Director of PR Music Groups

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