The band Refuge is a group of students representing Trevecca Nazarene University, located in Nashville, Tennessee. We share the good news of Christ through music. Get to know us by connecting on social media, see where we're playing next, and, of course, check out our music.

Press Kit


Michael Fogarty

Where I'm from: St. Louis, Missouri
Major: Music business (business administration)
Instruments: Guitar and keys
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The small school, family feeling
Favorite thing about Refuge: Traveling around the country and building relationships
Favorite venue I've played: The St. Louis Arch/riverfront
Strangest experience on stage: During a Christmas service, the worship leader fainted in the middle of "Silent Night"
Five things I love: Chimichangas, burritos, tacos, nachos, and quesadillas

Jonathan Mowry

Major: Commerical music
Instruments: Guitar and voice
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The Christian atmosphere
Favorite thing about Refuge: Getting to worship God with six amazing people
Favorite venue I've played: My shower
Strangest experience on stage: Forgetting all of my lines and blanking out for almost an entire minute
Five things I love: God, music, frisbee, bad movies, and sleep

Emily Waller

Where I'm from: Lawrenceville, Georgia (You can say Atlanta if you want) 
Major: Commercial music (voice and music technology)
Instruments: Guitar and voice
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The community - it's so cool that we have so many school-wide events which make it easy to really get to know the people you go to school with.
Favorite thing about Refuge: Getting to know the students on the region and trying to really invest in their lives.
Favorite venue I've played: Probably an old cathedral in New York or the Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta
Strangest experience on stage: Probably when I had to lead worship in Spanish - that was a whole new experience, and I couldn't communicate with the congregation
Five things I love: Being outside and being reminded of how cool it is that the Lord gave us such a beautiful place to live, hammocking, playing ultimate frisbee or disc golf, purple bag Doritos (sweet and spicy chili), and bread... I love bread.

Maisen Smalley

Where I'm from: Bolivar, Tennessee
Major: Commercial music (voice)
Instruments: Voice, piano, and guitar
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The small size - you get to be personable with your professors! Also, the Asian stir fry.
Favorite thing about Refuge: Getting to spend loads of time with sweet friends (even if it is in a van for 12 hours) and meeting crazy kids.
Favorite venue I've played: One time, I took a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry and I got to sing on the circle!
Strangest experience on stage: My hometown does a local, week-long variety show every spring (35 years strong!) and last year, I got to come back and perform one night. Since I wasn't at all the rehearsals, I was a little confused about when I was to sing. They started my song and I was in the dressing room... nowhere NEAR ready to go on stage.
Five things I love: Living on a cattle farm, John Wayne (every movie and everything about him), the store Free People (well, shopping in general), Sara Bareilles' music, and playing bluegrass with my whole family

Peyton Shetler

Where I'm from: Thompson's Station, Tennessee
Major: Commercial music
Instruments: Bass and a little acoustic guitar
Favorite thing about Trevecca: I feel like my professors actually want me to succeed!
Favorite thing about Refuge: Traveling and talking to people about Jesus (it sounds corny but it's my favorite).
Favorite venue I've played: Honestly, my favorite venue to play is a church in Thompson's Station. That's the first room I played bass in front of people in. The best doesn't always mean the biggest. Some friends and I had a chance to play with an artist in front of 10,000 people once, but there's something special about that room!
Strangest experience on stage: I was playing a camp with some friends and we were doing a Young & Free song ("Wake," I think) and these five girls walked up on stage and started jumping and dancing in the middle of the song! My friend leading just took a few steps back, and we just kept playing until they stepped down.
Five things I love: Coffee, encouraging others, playing music, reading, and hanging with Jesus (did I mention coffee?).

Sam Jennings

Where I'm from: Erin, Tennessee
Major: Commerical music (percussion)
Instruments: Drums
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The amount of attention professors and instructors put into developing relationships with their students
Favorite thing about Refuge: The opportunity to travel playing music with my best friends
Favorite venue I've played: War Memorial Auditorium
Strangest experience on stage: I broke two drumheads in a row at State Championship Finals for marching band in high school
Five things I love: Playing different styles of music, hammocking, Levi's jeans, green tea, and my dogs

Matt Durham

Where I'm from: Grayson, Georgia
Major: Psychology
Instruments: I run sound
Favorite thing about Trevecca: The cafeteria
Favorite thing about Refuge: Seeing Jesus all over the place
Favorite venue I've played: On a shipping container
Strangest experience on stage: I have no clue.
Five things I love: Jesus, foosball, my Mom, music, Peyton, and snow boarding.


Tour dates

June 2 – 6 | TN High School Camp

June 8 | Gracepointe Church of The Nazarene

June 9 – 14 | GA Camp 2014

June 16 – 20 | South Florida Camp

June 22 | Columbia Grace Church of the Nazarene

June 29 | Hendersonville NC First Church of the Nazarene

June 30 – July 4 | KY District Camp

July 5 – 6 | Camp Electric at Trevecca

July 7 – 11 | NFL/CFL Florida Camp

July 14 – 18 | North Carolina Teen Camp

July 20 | Dothan Alabama First Church of the Nazarene

September 17 | Coffee County Fair, Manchester, TN

October 31 – November 2 | Mississippi Fall Retreat

Booking contact

Randy Kinder
Director of PR Music Groups
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