Instructions for requesting a refund from your excess financial aid


Trevecca Nazarene University Student Refund Procedure

By partnering with Tuition Management Systems (our monthly payment plan provider), Trevecca is pleased to introduce a NEW method for receiving any refunds due to you from the Student Accounts Office. Our reloadable Trevecca Visa* Prepaid Card eliminates the waiting and gives you faster access to your funds. You will receive an email from that will require your action. When you receive this email, please follow the secure links and simply select the refund method that most appeals to you: either the reloadable Trevecca Visa* Prepaid Card or a direct ACH deposit to a designated bank account (eRefund). At any time, you may elect to change your refund method by visiting the refund preference portal (

Setup Your Account Now:

If this is your first time requesting a refund from the new TMS refund site, you will need to complete the following one time only:

  1. Locate your email from in your TNU email account
  2. Click “here” in Step 1 to navigate to the Student Portal site
  3. Enter your Social Security # and DOB
  4. Complete the Profile form and select a Payment Method*
  5. Submit!

*To receive your refund via direct deposit, you must enroll your bank account information on the TMS website one time. Please remember to update your bank account routing and account number if you change banks or close an account.

 How to access the Refund Request Form