Adult Degree Academic Scholarships

Traditional undergraduate transfer students who are enrolling in the spring or fall semester in pursuit of their first undergraduate degree may be eligible for one of the academic scholarships.  The student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and have at least two full-time semesters (defined as at least 12 transferable credit hours per semester) prior to enrolling at Trevecca.  The awards for transfer students are recommended by the respective Office of Admissions upon receipt of all final official transcripts.  (Transfer students who are transferring in less than 24 transferable credit hours will be eligible for academic scholarships based on their ACT/SAT scores).

Non-traditional students who are admitted into one of the degree-completion undergraduate programs (MHR, Criminal Justice, BSIT, or HIT) are eligible for academic scholarship amounts as follows:

Scholarship Name GPA Required Semester Amount
Prestige 3.60 $2,700
Merit 3.40 $1,750
Performance 3.20 $1,250
Recognition 3.00 $750