Traditional Undergraduate Refund Schedule

For students withdrawing from all classes or dropping a course, the following refund schedule applies to tuition, fees, meal plan and housing. All refund periods are based on the first actual week of classes.*

After the first week of classes, there will be no refund on Student Fees or Course Fees.

Within the first week of classes* - 100%

Within the second week of classes- 80%

Within the third week of classes- 60%

Within the fourth week of classes- 40%

Within the fifth week of classes- 20%

*The week begins with the first day of classes and ends seven days thereafter. For instance, if classes begin on Tuesday, 100% drop will expire the following Monday evening.

After fifth week – No Refund

No refund will be considered past the fifth week of classes in any semester.

Dates and prorating for Summer are printed with the Summer schedule.