Mgmt. & Human Relations (MHR)

The last 13 months at Trevecca have been a truly enlightening and rewarding experience. I will not hesitate to recommend the program to everyone I come in contact with in the future as I believe Trevecca walks the talk and delivers what they promise.

- Renée Jones, MHR 225

Welcome to the Management and Human Relations (MHR) accelerated degree-completion program offered by the School of Business and Technology. We designed this program with the unique needs of working, professional adults in mind.

  • Coursework takes 13 months
  • Classes meet one night a week
  • Tuition: $499/ credit hour
  • Total program cost: $17,964
  • Credit can be earned for learning received outside the college classroom
  • Five locations throughout Middle Tennessee
  • Financial aid and scholarship are available
  • Next start date: October 9, 2014 

With its focus on the key components of management, communications, human relations, and organizational behavior, the MHR program has a history of empowering adults to meet personal and professional goals. For over 20 years, the MHR program has enabled busy adults to fulfill their life-long dreams of completing their bachelor's degrees. As Middle Tennessee’s first degree-completion program developed for working adults, the MHR has produced thousands of successful graduates.

How to Apply


Admissions Requirements

To be admitted to the BA program in Management and Human Relations a student must:

  1. Submit an application for admission.
  2. Submit one official transcript sent directly from all regionally accredited intuitions that you have attended (if applicable).
  3. Have earned a grade point average of 2.0 for all academic work completed.
  4. Attain the minimum age of 23, OR minimum age of 21 with an associate's degree, OR minimum age of 21 with significant work experience.
  5. Have prior (transfer) credit of a college English course (grade "C" or higher), OR CLEP test, OR pass a writing skills assessment.
  6. Complete an interview with an academic advisor, if applicable.
  7. Have moral character consistent with attendance at a Christian university.
  8. Possess the ability and discipline necessary to pursue rigorous college-level studies.

An admissions advisor will assist students with the development of a written pre-admission educational plan to complete their degree.

NOTE: All students are expected to have some proficiency with computer technology.

Admissions Process

1. Complete the application.

Send the application to the MHR office. Be sure to indicate which location in Middle Tennessee you wish to attend.

2. Send in your transcripts

Contact the registrar’s office of each college or university that you’ve attended and ask them to send an official transcript to:

College of Lifelong Learning
Trevecca Nazarene University
333 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville TN 37210

You may also complete this transcript request form and fax or mail it to the registrar of your former schools.

3. Schedule an admissions meeting

As soon as your application and transcripts arrive, an MHR representative will contact you to set up an admissions meeting. That person will walk you through the program and answer any questions you have.

4. Submit your immunization records

Tennessee state law requires all colleges and universities to obtain immunization information from students. The required information is dependent upon a student’s date of birth and academic classification as a student. Read the instructions for submitting immunization records here. Records can be faxed to (615)248-7797 or mailed to:

Tina Fish
Trevecca Clinic
333 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville TN 37210

5. You’re done!

We'll take care of the rest. Once everything is in order, we’ll extend to you a formal invitation to join our program!

Tuition & Financial Aid

Course Descriptions

Semester I

MHR 3110 Personal Leadership Development (6 Weeks—3 semester hours)
In this course students, as adult learners, are provided with an opportunity to develop intrapersonal leadership qualities, a necessary prerequisite to leading and serving others. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is used to help learners understand personality differences, leadership styles, and learning styles and how to use that information in their new role as a student and in their personal and professional lives. Learners will recognize how to connect their styles and strengths to key leadership practices that personify servant leadership, an outcome that will facilitate a personal sense of calling and vocation in their lives.

MHR 3030 Group and Organizational Behavior (6 Weeks—3 semester hours)
In this course students will study group behavior and how group functioning affects organizational effectiveness. Emphasis is placed on decision making and productive group management in order for students to determine which tasks are best handled by groups or individuals.

MHR 4410 Systems Management (6 Weeks—3 semester hours)This course is designed to create innovative system thinkers and system managers. Students will analyze the basic managerial functions of setting objectives, planning, organizing, directing and controlling; while also making connections regarding how the individual roles of management affect the entire system. Theoretical foundations, models for design, and the analysis of organizational processes and human behavior in organizations are examined. The process of innovation and the introduction of quality tools are also explored in this course.

MMHR 4525 Action Research Project, Part I (3 semester hours)  In this course students will appraise a real life situation and learn how to analyze and apply problem analysis methods to identify a problem. Students will complete a paper that lays the foundation for solving the problem by describing the setting, history and background, scope, and significance of the problem, as well as explore possible ways to solve the problem.  Students will also be able to identify and review research related to a problem.

Semester II

MHR 3055 Conflict and Change Management (6 Weeks—3 semester hours) Students will understand the challenges, techniques, and problems associated with initiating and implementing changes within organizations.  Specifically, students will understand the roles and stakes of all entities involved.  Given that conflict often accompanies change, the course will also examine sources of conflict and identify effective resolution and negotiation techniques.

MHR 3005 Biblical Perspectives and the Christian Worldview (6 Weeks—3 semester hours)
This course reflects TNU’s commitment, as a Christian liberal arts university, to nurturing an appreciation for Scripture as the basis for creative personal faith and human life in the modern world. It is designed to foster knowledge and understanding of the literature and history of the Bible and to integrate faith, learning, and living.

MHR 3010 Effective Interpersonal Relations (6 Weeks—3 semester hours)
In this course students will investigate communication and relationships in a productive work environment. Effectiveness in personal and social relationships is also covered through readings and exercises reviewing nonverbal communication, constructive feedback, dealing with anger and resolving conflict. Students develop a model for effective relationships. Students are also given instruction in public speaking in preparation for their first Project Thesis oral presentation.

MHR 4526 Action Research Project, Part II (3 semester hours)
This course is based on the foundation supplied in semester one of the program in relation to problem analysis, research, written analysis and the initial selection and development of a research project.  In this course students will continue to develop their action research project and its implementation.


Semester III

MHR 4420 Human Resources Management (6 Weeks—3 semester hours)
Students analyze the policies and procedures of managing human resources such as job analysis, recruitment, selection, training, performance appraisal, compensation, and employee rights (discipline, OSHA, and unionization). Special attention is given to Equal Employment Opportunity.

MHR 4510 Ethics: Personal and Professional (6 Weeks—3 semester hours)
In this capstone course students will formulate a philosophy of life, providing a foundation for such concerns as ethics in business, accountability in government, respect for human rights, and a responsible lifestyle in the contemporary world. Ethical theories and personal values are examined through readings, analysis of the workplace, international relations, and classroom discussion.

MHR 4430 Principles of Management and Supervision (6 Weeks—3 semester hours)
In this course students will examine research-based management and leadership principles in this comprehensive capstone course. Students are asked to analyze and synthesize concepts and skills to which they have been exposed throughout the MHR program. Students examine motivational theories, the situational leadership theory, and servant leadership principles in relation to their application in organizational settings and in light of a Christian worldview. The course concludes with students articulating their personal philosophy of management and leadership through a comprehensive final assessment.

MHR 4527 Action Research Project, Part III (3 semester hours)
In this course students complete the implementation, reporting, and evaluation of their action research project.  A final formal presentation of the project and its outcomes is made before relevant stakeholders in the project.  

Who is the program for?

The MHR Program was designed with working, professional adult students in mind. If you want to complete your bachelor’s degree, advance your career, fulfill a dream, invest in your family, develop your leadership skills, change directions, or start a new dream, this degree is for you.


MHR students come from many different corporate backgrounds from manufacturing to healthcare and education and many others. The MHR degree is an asset to any career field that involves working with other people!

The MHR Program is designed to enhance a working student’s experience base. Many students earn a promotion within their organization. The degree prepares you for advancement to supervisor, team leader, and mid-level to upper-level management.

Some of the occupations the MHR degree prepares students for include:

  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Food service
  • Consulting
  • Human resources
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Health services
  • Telecommunications

Contact Information

Main Campus (Downtown Nashville)

Lucas Phillips
615-248-1700 (fax)
Fax: (615) 248-1700

Jackson State Community College, Gallatin TN

Lance Sherer
Phone: (731)- 298-1552
Fax: (615) 248-1700

Columbia State Community College, Columbia TN

Sherri Huitt
Phone: (615) 336-9693
Fax: (615) 790-4405

Motlow State Community College, Tullahoma TN

Andrea Miller
Phone: (931) 393-1594
Fax: (931) 393-1671

Volunteer State Community College, Gallatin TN

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