Certificate in Management and Leadership Curriculum

The curriculum of our certificate programs are designed to immediately improve the professional competencies of our students. Principles learned in the earlier courses are often built upon in later courses.

PMI 6000 Introduction to Project and Program Management (6 weeks - 3 semester hours)
Development of project scope, work breakdown structures, project planning and project budgets will be discussed and presented. Project Management tools and techniques will also be introduced to support the project development process. The Project Manager must maintain a knowledge of the current systems and solutions available to ensure successful project/product delivery. In addition to the waterfall techniques, the tools and processes that support Agile, Lean and Six Sigma will be reviewed and presented. Detailed discussions regarding the benefits and limitations of each techniques and the supporting tools will be of value to the participant when presented with making choices regarding the selection, development and delivery of projects.

BUS 6100 Human Resource Development and Management (6 weeks - 3 semester hours)
Analyzes the strategic role of the human resource function in relation to the company's overall objectives. The focus is how the company builds and maintains a work environment conducive to business performance excellence while enabling employees to develop and utilize their full potential. Key topics include employment law, the labor market, human resource planning and costing, HRIS, workforce diversity and EEOC, union/management and compensation systems, health/safety/security, employee rights and discipline, training and development.

BUS 6223 The Legal Environment of Business (6 weeks - 3 semester hours)
Provides fundamental knowledge of legal concepts and principles important to business decision-making. Topics include the legal system, torts and product liability, contracts, agency, forms of business organization, employment law, and government regulation.

BUS 6200 Leadership and Strategic Planning for Servant Leaders (6 weeks - 3 semester hours)
This course surveys models and best practices for organizational strategic planning, including leaders’ roles in the planning process and in implementing the plan at various operational levels. Various methods for analyzing and solving problems, as well as decision-making strategies, are examined for utilization as change in organizations’ operations becomes necessary. Using the servant-leadership model, learners will discern how to serve others while staying focused on achieving results in line with the organization's values and integrity.