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Important: The MBAIT Program is being discontinued. No applicants are being accepted. Students currently in the program have been provided with completion plans. 

Trevecca is now offering either an MSM or an MBA with a minor in Information Technology or a Master of Science in Information Technology. Additionally, a non-degree certificate is available in Information Technology.

The information below is for historical purposes only.

Welcome to the Master of Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Graduate Program, offered by the School of Business and Technology. Do you want to move ahead and be a key leader in your IT organization or as an IT leader? You will discover that this program will empower and equip you to lead and support an IT function or IT organization.

  • Are you busy working in leadership, management, or as an IT project leader but are limited by a lack of an advanced degree often required by organizations for higher level positions? You can complete this program while still working. You will attend classes are only one night each week, and you will learn in a cohort-based model which will support you in your effort to complete the program.

  • Are you lacking a bachelor’s in an IT area but want to complete your graduate work without having to make up a load of work? If you have the basic business course prerequisites, you can start the MBAIT Program immediately because this program has no prerequisites.

  • Do you want access to a significant IT concentration as part of your MBA? You will learn that this program is one of the strongest of its kind—with 18 hours of IT as part of the degree. As an added plus, with 18 hours in the discipline you can usually qualify to teach IT-related courses at a university if teaching is something you would like to do.

With its focus on the key components of management, business administration, and IT— including accounting, finance, economics, HR, marketing, leadership, operations, and strategy—Trevecca’s MBAIT Program is an exceptional educational value. The MBAIT prepares students to be exceptional IT leaders in their organizations. Come and experience this exciting program!