Student Forms

Attendance Policy

An unexcused absence from a class session results in a penalty of one letter grade; two absences from a six session course or four absences from a twelve session course result in disenrollment from the course.  When absent, the student is responsible for notifying the instructor and making up the work according to the instructor's directions.  The absence form below must be submitted in writing to the assistant director of the Graduate Counseling Program, who will decide if the absence is unexcused or excused.  The form is required for any absence. *Please note: Absence forms are no longer submitted to the program director -  submit these forms to the assistant director.
Class Absence Form

Admission to Candidacy

By the end of the semester in which students complete twelve hours in the program (not including transfer hours), the admission to candidacy form must be submitted. This is a critical point in the program.  No degree seeking student will be permitted to take more than eighteen hours without a completed and approved admission to candidacy form.
Candidacy Form (Revised)

Applying to Complete Coursework at Another College/University

Transfer Credit
Acceptance of transfer credit will be based on the following criteria:
1- The course is no more than 10 years old.
2- The course is relevant to the degree program.
3- The course was taken for graduate credit from a regionally accredited institution.
4- A minimum grade of B was earned.
*A Maximum of nine hours of transfer credit is allowed in the Graduate Counseling Program.
Application to complete coursework at another college/university 

Application for Graduation Form

Graduation Application (Dec 2013 - August 2014)

Process/Release to Request Letter of Recommendation

Release for Students/Graduates to Request Letter of Recommendation


Change of Name/Address Form