MFT Interim Internship

Marriage & Family Therapy Interim program:  Two semesters internship of 200/80 hrs each semester.

Supervised Internship Experience

The Internship experience is intended to reflect the comprehensive work experience of a professional counselor appropriate to the designated program area (i.e., Counseling or MFT)

Students must complete two semesters of internship, each including a minimum of 200 site hours. At least 80 clock hours of direct service with actual clients, including leading groups is required each semester. Direct service with clients may include conducting initial intakes, individual counseling, group counseling, and family or couples counseling. Direct service may only include hours spent in the above mentioned capacities provided to actual clients at the agreed upon site.

Students will develop program-appropriate video recordings for use in supervision of the student’s interactions with clients. In addition, Internship students will continue to have opportunities to become competent in a variety of professional activities and resources in addition to direct service (e.g., record keeping, assessment instruments, supervision, information and referral, in-service and staff meetings). Finally, students will be evaluated throughout the Internship on their counseling performance and personal and professional dispositions.

The prerequisites for Internship are:

  1. Student has successfully completed all practicum coursework.
  2. Student is a current member of two professional organizations.
  3. Student has registered for the Internship I course. (MFT 5457)  


In each course students will:

  1.  Complete a minimum of 200 site hours of which 80 must be in direct client service. Experience leading groups is allowed however no more than 50% (40) of sessions can be group work.
  2.  Individual and/or triadic on-site supervision that averages a minimum of one hour each week by an approved Site Supervisor.
  3.  Complete an average of 1 1/2 hours per week of group/individual supervision provided on a regular schedule throughout the internship and performed by a TNU  program faculty member.
  4.  The opportunity to become familiar with a variety of professional activities and resources in addition to direct service (e.g., record keeping, assessment instruments, supervision, information and referral, in-service and staff meetings).
  5. Develop program-appropriate audio/video recordings of client sessions for use in supervision.
  6. Receive evaluations of his/her counseling performance throughout the internship, including documentation of a formal evaluation after the student completes the internship by a program faculty member in consultation with the site supervisor.
  7. Student will receive two evaluations per semester by the site supervisor by a specific deadline date.


Steps to obtain an Internship Site:

All course requirements should be understood prior to calling any agency or organization requesting an interview for the practicum experience.  (If you do not know the requirements of the practicum, and/or internship courses, the organization will assume you are not prepared and will not offer you an interview.)

  1. Create a professional resume. Students will need a resume or vita completed prior to contacting potential sites. Resume resources are online.  Personal help is available through resume workshops scheduled each semester, and personal appointments with the Clinical Coordinator.  You are notified of the workshops via your TNU email address.  If you have not had your TNU address merged with your private email address, you must do this prior to applying for practicum.  Contact TNU ITS dept. for instruction: 615-248-1223, or follow the steps below.  ALL university communication during your semesters of clinical experience will come via your Trevecca email account.         
  Steps to forward Trevecca email to personal email account.
  1. Log in to your Trevecca email.
  2. Click the “settings” tab located in the top right corner; Then click on the “option” button.
  3. On the next page click on “connected accounts” located next to the “my account” tab.
  4.   In the middle of the page you will see “forwarding”. You will enter the name of the  personal email address that you would like to start forwarding to.
  5. The last step: click the “start forwarding” button and you’re done.


  1. Consult the Counseling Program’s web page for the list of potential clinical sitesStudents should begin searching for a clinical site one year prior to the semester they will begin the experience.

This page has a listing of approved and non-approved  Practicum and Internship sites. Non-approved sites are certainly available to you but a site MUST be approved prior to you being allowed to pursue a contractual agreement with them. Currently this is a password protected site:  User ID: student    Password: adams

If your site is not approved, please click here to view the site approval process.

  1. Review many of the sites listed.  Click on the site NAME and it will link to the information form on that site.  This will give you information about the clientele, philosophy of the organization, requirements of student interns and information you are to bring to interview.  Click on the SUPERVISOR or CONTACT person and it will link to that person’s resume or vita.  Review their training and experiences to select their suitability for being your supervisor.
  1. Call the site’s contact person to inquire about their need for students, and schedule an interview if possible.  Send your resume with cover letter—by email possibly, but always by mail on quality resume paper.  Be persistent.  They will not always call you back.
  1. Prepare for the interview.  Know your professional strengths and a one minute story about a time you used each one. Know the therapeutic orientation(s) you plan to use in your counseling.  Dress professionally.  Handwrite a thank-you note immediately afterwards to the interviewer.
  1. The interview: Take a copy of the Guidelines for Interim Internship in Marriage & Family Therapy and the ‘completed’ Interim Internship Site Summary with you to the interview in case you are offered the position.  If the site is already ‘Approved’, you may also take a copy of the ‘completed’ (Two semester) Internship Contract Agreement so that the site supervisor can sign both forms. 

      7. Submit the Interim Internship Site Summary and Internship Contract Agreement to the Clinical Coordinator along with proof of two professional memberships by the semester deadline date.

Deadline dates:    

Fall Semester: July 1
Spring Semester: November 1
Summer Semester: March 1

               Forms submitted past due dates will not be considered.