Marriage & Family Practicum / Internship Experience

Marriage & Family Therapy:  New program of one semester practicum (100/40 hrs) / three semesters internship (200/80 hrs) (total 700/240 hrs.) 

The MFT Practicum is completed in the Marital Therapy I & II course (MFT 5700, 5710) and Internships (MFT 5457, 5458, 5600)  

All students must read and understand the Student Practicum/Internship Manual in order to proceed with the practicum/internship experience.  All forms needed are within the manual/appendices.  The Practicum Application Packet must be completed and into the Clinical Coordinator by the semester deadline date.  Students are encouraged to begin their search for a practicum/internship site one year prior to the semester they plan to serve.

Deadline Dates for submission: 

Fall Semester: July 1
Spring Semester: November 1
Summer Semester: March 1

Applications/forms submitted past the due date will not be considered.

Click here to open the Student Practicum/Internship Manual.  It is strongly recommended that you download and print out a copy for personal review.