Do you want to learn more about yourself as a leader and how to empower others in education or other fields? Do you enjoy teaching children and youth, giving them learning tools to make positive life choices? Join one of our programs to make your dream a reality. We are committed to quality programs designed on foundational precepts of competence, character, and compassion that prepare individuals for service and leadership in all areas of our communities.

We would like to talk with you to assist your decision to become a teacher or to further your education. Please visit our programs in the drop down menu below.


Admissions Process

1. Complete the application.

Send the completed application to:

Melanie Eaton
College of Lifelong Learning
Trevecca Nazarene University
333 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville TN 37210

2. Send in your transcripts.

Contact the registrar’s office of each college or university from which you’ve earned a degree and ask them to send an official transcript to:

Melanie Eaton
College of Lifelong Learning
Trevecca Nazarene University
333 Murfreesboro Pike
Nashville TN 37210

3. Contact Melanie Eaton.

Contact Melanie Eaton to discuss the admissions process for the program of your interest.

Phone: (615) 248-1498
Fax: (615) 248-1700


Master of Arts in Teaching K-6, 7-12

This degree is tailored for those who wish to go into teaching from other careers.

Master of Arts in Education in:

  • Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction

    This Trevecca Nazarene University online master’s degree in education focuses on applying current theory, research, and technology to the design of curriculum, assessment, and instructional models.

  • Educational Leadership

    Are you currently a teacher with a career goal of being a school leader? Are you ready to be a leader in curriculum design, a leader in using data to improve student learning, and a role model for students and teachers? If the answers are "yes" please contact us for more information about our Educational Leadership program.

  • English Learners

    Do you want to learn teaching strategies that are best practices for teaching individuals whose first language is not English? Do you want to learn those skills that will enable you to be a more effective teacher in today's diverse classrooms? Please contact us for more information or fill out an application today.

  • Teacher Leader (LIFT)

    You will learn how to become a resource provider and a classroom supporter. In addition, you can complete one of the specializations and become a Teacher Leader in reading, instructional technology, English learners, or mathematics.

  • Vision Institute: Masters in Visual Impairments Special Education

    The Vision Institute is a master's degree at Trevecca Nazarene University designed to equip teachers to work as special education teachers who are viewed as the visual impairments expert, as itinerant teachers for students with visual impairments and other disabilities, and in specialized settings such as Tennessee School for the Blind.

  • Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS)

    In addition to standard library duties, you have the privilege of collaborating with teachers to teach research skills, to teach technology skills, and to use the library resources to help teach content so all students learn.

  • Doctor of Education in Leadership and Professional Practice

    This is a leadership degree including professionals from many fields including religion, health, business, schools, and higher education.

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