PA Program FAQs


When is the application deadline? What is absolutely necessary to have completed by that date?

You need to complete the application process through the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA) as well as take the GRE by November 1. You have until you matriculate into the program, which begins the third week of May every year, to complete all prerequisites. 

When are interviews conducted? When should I expect to receive an invitation to interview?

We conduct interviews in November, December, and January. Applicants are contacted approximately 3 weeks prior to their interview date.

When can I expect to hear about an admissions decision?

The admissions committee will make its final decisions in January. All applicants will be contacted at that time.

How many hours of clinical experience do I need?

We do not require a specific number of hours for admission. We do, however, encourage applicants to shadow PAs and do some type of volunteer work, which can be medical, community, or church-related.

What is considered an early application?

Those who wish to be among the earliest applicants should start the application process in May or June.

Are factors such as volunteer work within underserved populations considered in the admissions process?

Although not required, volunteer or mission-type service is highly valued in the admissions process. Experience shadowing PAs is also recommended.

Can I send you my current transcript showing completion of a course?

No, all transcripts must be sent to CASPA during the application process.

Can I send you additional recommendation letters?

No, additional letters are not necessary and will not be considered.


What are the GPA and GRE requirements for applicants?

Applicants are expected to have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.25 and a science GPA of 3.25 on all undergraduate coursework. Applicants are required to complete the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and achieve a minimum score of 300 (combined verbal [150] and quantitative [150]). These scores are believed to indicate sufficient academic ability for successful completion of the program; however, under special circumstances GPAs of less than 3.25 and/or GREs of less than 300 may be considered.

What special considerations are made for students with cumulative GPAs below 3.25? What would factor into these considerations?

Each year, the strongest applicants are selected for interviews. In some years, there are enough interview slots to accommodate those with lower GRE scores or GPAs, but this is not always the case. If there are enough interview slots available, additional applicants with lower GPAs will be considered. 

How recent must my GRE scores be?

There is no limit as to how long GRE scores will be honored.

I have a master’s degree. Do I still need to take the GRE?

Yes, everyone must take the GRE to be considered for admission.

Would meeting the minimum GPA and GRE requirements guarantee that I receive an interview?

With large numbers of applicants, not all students meeting the minimum requirements will receive an interview. Because entering students in the last three years have significantly exceeded the minimum requirements, candidates should endeavor to get the highest GPA and GRE scores possible and, with grades lower than a B, retake courses that would reflect a grasp of the material and a capability of rigorous course work.

If coursework is repeated, would the admissions committee consider the average of the most recent coursework or would multiple courses be averaged?

CASPA calculates the applicant’s GPA. Please see CASPA’s website ( for more information.


What are the prerequisite requirements for the program?

The required prerequisites are as follows:

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology - 8 semester hours
  • General Chemistry - 8 semester hours
  • General Psychology - 3 semester hours
  • Microbiology - 4 semester hours
  • Developmental Psychology - 3 semester hours

Will you accept classes from a community college?

You can take classes at a community college, but you may want to make sure the classes are comparable to those taken at a university.

Do you accept advanced placement credit?

Yes, we will accept Advanced Placement (AP) credit for prerequisite classes.

Can Abnormal Psychology substitute for the Developmental Psychology prerequisite?

No, this is not an acceptable substitution. Child Development or Lifespan Psychology is considered a substitute for Developmental Psychology. It is important that normal psychological development across the lifespan be covered in the course.

Do you accept Immunology, Genetics, or Cellular & Molecular Biology for the Microbiology prerequisite?

No, these cannot be substituted.

Does Mammalian Anatomy satisfy the Human Anatomy requirement?

Yes, this fits the prerequisite.

Can Biochemistry (4 credits) fulfill part of the General Chemistry requirement?

Yes, but the course must include a lab.

Do you accept online courses or hybrid classes that offer labs on campus and lectures online?

Online or hybrid courses can be used to satisfy the psychology prerequisites, but they cannot be used to satisfy the chemistry or biology prerequisites.

General Program

Do you accept transfer credits?

No, no advanced placement is given to any student regardless of academic background.

Does the program offer online classes?

No, online courses are not offered. 

Does the program offer a part-time option?

No, full-time attendance is required to complete the program. 

Do you have a bridge program?