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There are times when we need another voice of enrichment, encouragement and inspiration.  We have found these to be helpful, and hope that you will, too.


Books we recommend:

For Preaching:

The Write Stuff: Crafting Sermons That Capture and Convince by Sondra Willobee

In this very brief volume, Willobee gives us a plethora of insights and ideas about shaping sermons in ways that will communicate to our listener. Drawing from the writings of great literature, the author suggests several effective ways to introduce your sermon (HOOK), looks at the way plot works in great novels and how that might help us in the shaping of our sermonic moves (BOOK), and observing the power of evocative speech and imagery to create sermons that live in the hearts and imagination of the listener, long after the preacher has stepped away from the pulpit (STONE). This little text has become one of the greatest assets for me in the classroom as I guide young preachers in crafting better sermons.


Craddock on the Craft of Preaching, edited by Sparks and Sparks

Homiletics teachers are deeply  indebted to the teaching and preaching of Fred Craddock, who revolutionized preaching a generation ago as he helped us move into the world of inductive preaching. This book is a compilation of some of the best of Craddock that was previously available only in taped lectures and series of lessons that had been hard to access. Now they are available to us all. I am using this book in my second semester preaching class. It contains some of the most valuable lessons I have learned from Craddock over the years and I strongly recommend it to all who preach.




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Event Recordings:

Preaching 2.0 - Fall preaching conference with Dr. David Lose


Blogs from those who've been there and are ministering on the front lines each day:

Dr. Scott Daniels, Pastor of Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene, Dean of the School of Theology - Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Tom Nees, Former Director, USA/Canada Region

Bishop Will Willimon, Former United Methodist Bishop, North Alabama Conference

Dr. John McClure, Professor of Preaching, Vanderbilt University

Dr. David Busic, President of Nazarene Theological Seminary


Helpful Websites for Preaching and Ministry: - A helpful website of sermon insights and thoughts on the texts each week - A website for worship leaders with song suggestions, new songs and free downloads

The Text This Week - A website that includes scripture study, worship links and resources