Alumni Spotlight


Alumni Spotlight - Spencer Baggot, '01


Spencer Baggott

Class of 2001

What year did you graduate? I liked Trevecca so much, I hung around a while! Got my degree in 2001. 

What are some of your favorite Trevecca memories? When it would snow we'd go sled down the hill at Mt. Olivet. Circle K gave me a lot of great memories from fall retreat to intramural sports and service projects. Finally, senior retreat for religion majors was fun, but profound for me!

Where has your ministry taken you? The ministry has taken us from Nashville to Arkansas to Florida to Kansas City. From KC we've traveled to many states speaking and I've been to 16 countries in Africa and 9 others in our travels. 

What are your hopes for your new assignment? My hope is that we can be more and more faithful each day in response to what God has done for us. I long to be a part of a body that is sincerely interested in touching lives for Christ - even if it doesn't bring immediate growth. My hope is that we can be more interested in others than in ourselves.

How can your fellow pastors be praying for you in the months ahead? We can all be praying for one another! It seems the world is continuously creeping in more and more in our lives. We've witnessed enough controversies and moral failures and none of us is immune! Pray for me and your own pastor that we will stay close to God and be lives that bring glory to God.