Pastor to Pastor


Pastor to Pastor - February 2014


These are some exciting days for us as we head into the spring of 2014.  Our campus has been energized by several inspiring moments including a time of renewal with Dr. Carla Sunberg as our guest speaker for Spiritual Renewal Week; continued growth of our efforts in social justice issues highlighted by Mike Hamilton, former UT athletic director and now president of Blood, Water, Mission; and a strong push for enrollment across our academic programs for the fall.

You can help us significantly with the recruitment of Nazarene students right there in your local church and on your district.  Many of you have already joined the team of our Trevecca Circle of Champions.  We are within just a handful of our initial goal of 200 Champions who will help us help your students realize the dream of a TNU education.  If you've not signed on, or if you're just now hearing about it, please contact Michael Johnson at  He's coordinating this effort for us and is working hard with our folks in admissions to make sure we don't miss out on students from your church.  We are especially interested in making sure our PK's are in the loop.  So, please make sure we know about the young people in your church AND in your home!

One other thing… I'm blogging regularly now and even doing my best to be involved via social media.  My blog goes out usually via Facebook and Twitter.  The blog is found at and my Twitter handle is @DrDanBoone.  

Thanks for all you do to help us and to build the only Kingdom that matters.  I am grateful for the partnership we share together!