Proclaiming the Word

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Proclaiming the Word

  • Easter - the "Biggest Sunday of the Year."  But what does it really mean to preach the resurrection as good news?  In this article, Jeff Stark, pastor of Erin Church of the Nazarene, explores what it means to preach Easter with passion and power.

  • In this 3rd installment of The Attentive Preacher, Dr. Mike Jackson invites the preacher to place close attention to the character and character development within narrative scripture passages and explores some practices that can help the preacher bring new life to familiar scripture passages.

  • What do people really want from our preaching?  In this insightful article, Dr. Steve Estep shares the conviction that want people want most is preaching that will satisfy their hunger.

  • Professor Mike Jackson is back again with his second installment of The Attentive Preacher.  This installment looks particularly at being attentive to the narrative portions of scripture.

  • What thought do you give as a preacher to the placement of your sermon text in the sermon?  Is it always in the same place each week?  In this article, Christa Klosterman explores how changing the placement of the sermon might change the way our people hear the word.

  • Professor of Preaching, Mike Jackson writes the first in a series about attending to scripture in narrative preaching.

  • What happens when you became a pastor and all the measurable categories where you used to find that sense of accomplishment just didn’t work in the same way anymore?  In this article, Pastor Erik Gernand explores the answer.

  • As the church approaches the celebration of the day of Pentecost, how does a preacher capture what God did on that day, and what God continues to do today?  Pastor Daron Brown of Waverly Church of the Nazarene writes about what it means to preach a God who is still "going public."

  •   As preachers, we give a lot of thought to what we will say when we preach.  But, do we spend enough time thinking about how we will preach it? Dr. Steve Estep helps us to understand that taking time to think about both may make all the difference in your preaching.

  • Those who proclaim the word are often challenged by how to relate the events of Holy Week, which are central to our faith as Christians.  Professor of Preaching, Mike Jackson, gives some insights to preaching during this significant week.