Student Spotlight


Ashley Huber, Class of 2013


Ashley Huber
Major: Religion, Minor: Intercultural Studies
Graduation Year: May 2013

Areas of Interest/Passion: I love working with people! I find joy in using my God given talents to build relationships with all different kinds of people. I really enjoy being a part of communities that understand and strive for prayer and discipleship.  I love to work with spiritual development and of all levels of Christians. It is very humbling to be able to see God work in people’s lives and how once God is with them what can happen to an individual person, family and community.

Favorite Things about Nashville: My favorite place to visit in Nashville is MacKay’s.  I have been to a few Predators games on college nights and they are very fun. I really enjoy eating at Baja Burrito and Satco.

What are your favorite Trevecca memories? My favorite memories of Trevecca are of the girls that have become my family. Trevecca gives the students an environment to grow great relationships.  Any time I spend with my close sisters in Christ are my favorite memories. There is no other place I have ever been in my life where I could fully surround myself by Christian girls.

What are your plans for after graduation? After graduation I will be spending a year in Croatia through the Church of the Nazarene Mission Corps. I will be working with the Nazarene Missionaries Dave and Betsy Scott. While there I will be partnering with the wonderful people of Croatia to further God’s Kingdom. If you would  like to learn more about my time in Croatia I will be keeping my website up to date with news. I am truly excited for what God has in store!