Student Spotlight


Micah Jordan, Class of 2014


Micah Jordan

Major: Intercultural Studies

Class of 2014

Hometown: Hesperia, CA

Areas of Interest/Passion: Religion, Intercultural Studies, Piloting

Favorite Things to do in Nashville: Coffee shops (Religion majors have a lot of homework!), $2 Theater, The Melting Pot (when I have the money!)

Favorite Trevecca Moment: Every Paintapalooza!

Plans after Graduation: I plan to go to school to receive my pilot's license in Seattle, Washington.  My hope is to one day become a missionary pilot.

What does the summer hold for you? This summer, I'll be spending 12 weeks in a Creative Access country with Trevecca's Immerse program.  I'll return in early August.  After that, it's time to help my fiancee plan our wedding which will be in December 2013.