Student Spotlight


Timothy Crummer, Class of 2016


Timothy Crummer

Class of 2016


Hometown: Tullahoma, Tennessee

Graduation Year: 2016

Area of Ministry Interest/Passion: Children’s Ministry

Tell us about your call to ministry: The calling I feel God has placed on my heart and life is to work primarily with children because I feel I work best with children, but more importantly, I believe that all Christians must have a strong understanding of their faith as they grow up. I felt this call in between my junior and senior year of high school as I looked into the future God might have had planned for me. I will continue to be open to whatever or wherever God calls me knowing it is not my will but His will.

Favorite Thing to Do/See/Eat  in Nashville: Laser tag, walk around down town, go to watch the preds.

What is your favorite Trevecca memories from your first year? I have gained many favorite memories thanks to Trevecca, but from my first year, my most favorite thing to think back on is all the friendships I formed, and the late five in the morning discussions about life.

Advice to students who will be coming to Trevecca in the fall: Make sure you remain true, not to whom you think you are or were, but to whom God has made you. Do not be afraid to act on opportunities presented to you, and know God will always be with you.