Student Spotlight


Crystal Sadler, Class of 2014


Crystal Sadler

Name: Crystal Mae Sadler

Hometown: Meridian, MS

Graduation Year: 2014

Area of Ministry Interest/Passion: Children's Ministry

Tell us about your call to ministry: As a young teen I had a passion and desire to minister to children and through my continual pursuit of this passion I heard God confirm this call of ministry upon my life.

Favorite Thing to Do/See/Eat  in Nashville: My favorite thing to do in Nashville is to visit parks. Nashville has so many beautiful parks and their such a great place to go do homework or hang out with friends. Another, part of Nashville that is my favorite is seeing the Nashville Skyline. I love parking where the skyline can be seen perfectly and just relax and think. Finally my favorite thing about Nashville is its diversity of food. I love eating at every hole in the wall restaurant I can find.

What are a few of your favorite (or one of your favorite) Trevecca memories? My favorite Trevecca memory has been late night study sessions with friends that always end with laughter and something crazy happening.

How do you think that Trevecca is shaping you for ministry? The professors have shaped my ministry in tremendous ways. They have guided me along this journey to graduation and into a life as a minister.