Student Spotlight


Ingrid Kiper, Class of 2014


Ingrid Kiper    

Hometown: I have moved too many times. But I consider the entire South Florida district as my home.

Graduation Year: 2014

Area of Ministry Interest/Passion: Intercultural Studies is my major and my Ministry Interest. However, my passion falls under Language Learning and Computer Animation.

Tell us about your call to ministry: I was called to do full-time ministry when I was 12. I denied the call for six years, right before applying to colleges. I had planned to become a Character Designer or a Computer Animator, but God kept shutting those doors. He kept directing me to Trevecca. So I reluctantly came as an Undecided hoping to leave after a semester. Now, I'm graduating in the Religion department after just 3 years! God is awesome!

Favorite Thing to Do/See/Eat in Nashville: I like going to the $2 theater and watching animated or science fiction films with my friends. I always enjoy an inexpensive way to have fun! ;)

What are a few of your favorite (or one of your favorite) Trevecca memories? It's not even at Trevecca, but it was on a 12 week mission trip overseas representing Trevecca. We were in a  country with restricted access to the gospel, hanging out with a very elderly pastor there who had been arrested multiple times because of his ministry. He lived life with no fear. It was probably the most humbling experience I've had yet.

How do you think that Trevecca is shaping you for ministry? It has expanded my vision of what shape ministry can come in! I have learned to stop complaining entirely because there is no reason for it! You can either change the situation yourself or change your attitude. But most importantly, Trevecca has showed me that if you want change to happen in the ministry, it starts with you.