The Work of the People

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The Work of the People

  • "Christ is Risen!"  The cries ring out on Easter Sunday morning.  But, does the church really know what they are proclaiming?  Rev. Jim Puckett takes a closer look what the resurrection really means in the life of a Christian.

  • In just a few weeks, Christian churches across the world will observe the season of Lent.  In this article for pastors, leaders and worship planners, Heather Daugherty takes a closer look at what the season of Lent is all about and how it can be used as a significant time of disciple for our congregations.

  • The season of Advent will soon be upon us!  In this article, Heather Daugherty takes a look at the Advent season and gives some suggestions on worship planning during this significant season in the Christian year.

  • For the people of Israel, worship was central to their lives.  Today, however, we often see that worship has become a day and not a lifestyle.  How do we, as worship leaders, help our people to return to worship as a lifestyle?  In this article, Pastor Jonathan Trees gives some ideas of how to do just that.

  • As pastors, we often pray for the transformation in the lives of those to which we minister.  However, we often forget that God also wants to work transformation in our lives as well. Matt Short shares about the importance of cultivating expectations in our own lives.

  • As the church gathers in worship each week, are we really worshiping God, or is the worship of ourselves?  Brannon Hanock, Worship Pastor at Xenia Church of the Nazarene, proposes that perhaps the traditions of the church keep us faithful in our worship of God.

  • It may seem easy to plan worship for the days of great celebration, Easter & Christmas, and all that surround them, but what do we do in the "Ordinary" times?.  In this article, Dr. Brian Thomas, pastor of Ridgefield Church of the Nazarene, shares some insights about what it means to live in the ordinary.

  • As worship leaders, a lot of preparation goes into planning a service of worship, from selecting songs, scheduling musicians and putting together the worship order.  In this article, Randy Kinder, Worship Arts Pastor at Faith Community Nazarene, talk about the role and movement of the Holy Spirit in worship and in our lives.

  • As worship leaders, we are often consumed with the details of planning and leading a service.  Worship leader Jonathan Trees reminds us that we are called to be prepared in other ways as well.

  • Planning worship for Palm/Passion Sunday can be a real challenge.  Seasoned Worship Leader, Sam Green, shares some ideas and insights for planning worship on this important Sunday in the life of the church.