The Challenge

Conquer “The Challenge”
A New Homecoming Tradition

NCAA Division-II status calls for Trevecca’s athletic department to be actively involved in community engagement as part of its core mission. The goal of community engagement is for universities to build relationships by bringing the community to campus to share in a fun experience that helps others and gives people the opportunity to get to know the school and local community better. 

Trevecca’s athletics department and student athletes have partnered with Crossbridge and Treveccca Towers to bring you “The Challenge,” an obstacle-filled road race, on Homecoming Saturday, November 3, at 7:00 AM. Proceeds from this exciting event will benefit KidPOWER, a ministry of Crossbridge, Inc.

KidPOWER is an after-school program provided free to families in the Napier Community. The program seeks to help children make life-empowering decisions which will help them break free of the effects of generational poverty includ­ing: staying in school, refusing to use drugs, developing healthy exercise and nutrition habits, and solving conflict in peaceful ways while committing to a life of com­munity service.

The race is called “The Challenge” because it raises funds to address the challenges Napier Elementary kids face in overcoming the effects of poverty. Children growing up in this environment are much more likely to drop out of school, use drugs, commit crime, and become pregnant while they are still children. Perhaps the most devastating effect of generational poverty is that children grow up believing their futures are deter­mined by factors beyond their control.

Your participation as a runner, walker, or sponsor will help these children OVERCOME the “challenges” and “obstacles” they face while equipping them to change their com­munity.  Trevecca’s student athletes and Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) will participate in the race and will guide you through the course. The race route includes running the Trevecca perimeter; conquering two challenge hills; rounding the baseball field bases; tire run and soccer field obstacles; and climbing 14 flights of Trevecca Towers stairs.

To participate in this community event, download and return the attached brochure and registration form.

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