Campus Life

Life at Trevecca has many parts—academic and educational, athletic, social, spiritual, and professional development. All of these activities have one goal: to facilitate and enhance the growth of the students who attend Trevecca. Behind the planning of all of these activities is the intent to provide rich learning opportunities for students through programs, services, and facilities.

The word community appears often in descriptions of life at Trevecca, and its inclusion is intentional. The whole University is committed to fostering a vibrant campus community, and  you will find that emphasis on community in the clubs and organizations, residential life, campus spiritual-life activities, athletic competitions, the way classes are conducted, and in all aspects of life at Trevecca. Being an “engaged community” is one way that Trevecca helps students develop as individuals and make personal connection with the University. Getting involved in campus life is the quickest way to become a part of the University community.