SGA Minutes 10.17.11

General SGA Meeting
October 17, 2011

I. Devotion / Prayer
    a. Prayer Requests:
          i. Tori’s leapster’s twin sister died and be there for the family as well
          ii. Johnna’s brother and sister-in-law will be leaving for Africa soon
          iii. Croatia friends…Ben and Stephanie
          iv. Our group and unity

II. Approve minutes from last week…motion, second, and all unanimously approved

III. Reports
     a. Juniors:  Voting continues until Tuesday for all classes and then Seniors will have the final round of voting until Friday.
     b. Seniors:  Banquet:  Homecoming banquet is going to be in the Towers Annex and tickets are being sold this Wednesday with $20 for single and $30 for couple.  Levi is coming up with a design for shirts for seniors.  If anyone knows of someone that has a popcorn or cotton candy machine then let them know! 
     c. Sophomores:  parade is coming along…Grand Marshall is going to be Alan Smith (biology teacher).  Fundraising idea happening in December…
     d. Freshmen:  Trojan Madness:  glow in the dark theme…have milk chugging contest, guy cheerleaders, bball video, boy bball vs boy cheerleaders dunk contest, bball teams play 3 point line contest, and some other things.  Want to have maybe 2 or 3 MC’s to host the night.  Have any ideas let them know!  Fundraising…sell hot chocolate at Homecoming…
     e. Daniel:  October 22 is the Service project meet in Jernigan at 8:30 with sign-ups at the booth this week!!  Going to go to the Towers and Heather Bryant and her leap class are going to head up the lobby areas and have fun time there and there will so be working areas among the different floors as well.   1st Confession time for the boys will be October 18 at 9 PM in TSAC .

IV. New Business
     a. For right now we are looking at not having our meeting in Greathouse 101 so just be on the look out of having the meetings else where.
     b. We are down 5 members of SGA due to them being asked to leave their positions.  The spots that are opened up are:  Executive Student Services, Junior class—President, Student Services, Communication, Social Life and Senior Student Services
     c. We are still going to move forward even though we are currently down 6 members…what do we want to leave behind or what do we value in being part of SGA…
          i. Community and support for this school year of us and the student body
          ii. Growth in all aspects
          iii. Picking up slack and help anywhere possible
          iv. Grace
          v. Get students involved in events and make them feel valuable
          vi. Be the Church
          vii. Stay with commitments being made
          viii. Selflessness
          ix. Relationships
          x. Balance—not define by SGA
          xi. Genuine with each other and extend to student body
          xii. Make things memorable
          xiii. Limit negativity
          xiv. Praying—for guidance
          xv. Embracing community—reaching out
          xvi. Positivity
          xvii. Self-aware
         xviii. Invest in people