SGA Minutes 10.24.11

General SGA Meeting
October 24, 2011

I. Devotion / Prayer
     a. Prayer Requests:
          i. Jim’s ankle
          ii. Praise—leap group camping went well
          iii. Praise—Spraker had a baby

II. Approve minutes from last week…motion, second, and all unanimously approved

III. Old Business:
     a. Green Forms: If you have NOT done them for Homecoming, you should do them because if not then you won’t have anything to pay for stuff for Homecoming.

IV. Reports
     a. Juniors:  If anyone has Christmas lights or knows of someone that does, let us know so we can decorate!  Homecoming court is complete…and Denise Boone said she will help with decorating for Wednesday.  Meeting with Riley and Johnna concerning dress shopping and etc.    
     b. Seniors:  Banquet:  Homecoming banquet is going to be in the Towers Annex at 7 PM and tickets are being sold with $20 for single and $30 for couple. 
     c. Sophomores:  Parade for Homecoming…cars are checked!  Float forms are in the process and will be going out soon.  Service Project…food drive…
     d. Freshmen:  Trojan Madness:  3 videos with one leading up to the interlude that everyone will do at the end.  Gallon challenge with the RDs being involved.  Dunk contest is coming along. 
     e. Johnna:  elections will be happening…spread the word.
     f. Betsy:  deadline is done!  Pictures for class councils will be soon, after reelections.
     g. Katie:  next issue the 2nd of November
     h. Jim:  Jon Forman is coming to town and will do a sound check on November 3rd at 4 PM.  After its all done, stay to help clean up because SGA is in charge of that!
     i. Evans:  Homecoming banner is finished.
          i. TSAC at 7 PM, this Saturday
          ii. 4ish for set up
          iii. MC-Dillon Jones 
          iv. Questions committee—want to help get in touch with Johnna 

V. New Business
     a. All School Gift:
          i. $1500 limit
          ii. Start thinking of ideas and if you like something run with it and figure out what all needs to go into it.  It will eventually be one idea we take to the students and they will vote yes/no on it.
     b. Open Floor:
          i. Tennis courts…still waiting on  a permit
          ii. Christian school but not everyone is Christian…hmmmm
          iii. Floats for Homecoming…(circus/carnival)
               1. Be anything, ride on anything, make it your own
               2. Talk with your class to get them involved and to partake in it!

VI. Reminders!
     b. Homecoming banquet…GO TO IT AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER!