SGA Minutes 10.3.11

General SGA Meeting
October 3, 2011

I. Devotion / Prayer
     a. Prayer Requests:
          i. Middendorf had their baby
          ii. JJ Wyzinski has been diagnosed with chorines diseases
          iii. Rebekah’s family has moved and her dad is going through chemo again
          iv. Crum’s family friend passed away
          v. Daniel’s cousin in hospital 
II. Approve minutes from last week…motion, second, and all unanimously approved
III. Old Business
     a. Hole outside Benson area…who knows!
     b. Pool…TBD
IV. Reports
     a. Juniors:  voting this week through Thursday dinner.  1st full week after break there will be the ballots
     b. Seniors:  Banquet:  Monell’s if its cheap OR Waggoner Rotunda.  Ideas for fundraising is still in the works.  Jake is thinking about doing a student forum sometime in October
     c. Sophomores:  Meet with Jenn Neely soon to talk about some stuff.  Homecoming parade is coming along well.
     d. Freshmen:  Trojan Madness still thinking about the details…
     e. Preston:   9 out of 11 club presidents were at the club meeting.  Soccer sponsorship game is October 15. Quiz bowl is October 29…starts making tests now and sign-ups will be in a few weeks.
     f. Katie:  October 12 is the second issue
     g. Johnna: N/A
     h. Jim:  Next big thing is Homecoming and the Jon Foreman Concert on November 3.
     i. Jeff: Homecoming Derby is October 15…going to use the heaters for this and for football which  sign-ups for football is coming up.
     j. Evans:  PR forms in PDF form now
     k. Daniel:  October 22 is the Service project!!  Going to go to the Towers and Heather Bryant and her leap class are going to head up the lobby areas and have fun time there and there will so be working areas among the different floors as well.   1st Confession time for the boys will be October 18 at 9 PM in TSAC . Prayer Breakfast went well with about 30 or so people there!
     l. Betsy: After fall break is a deadline!  Class Presidents…email her about times when your whole council can get together and get your picture taken for the year book!
V. New Business
     a. Credit Card
          i. LOOK at the small sheet we gave you but if not then here are the details:
               1. Check out: 
                    a. Fill out and turn in Green Form
                          i. Email Johnna if purchase is not for an event
                    b. Johnna approves and emails Joyce S.
                    c. President or Exec. Picks up Credit Card from Joyce
             2. Returning
                 a. Write last 4 digits of account on receipt and name of event
                 b. Turn into Joyce (make 2 copies)
                 c. Give on copy to your VP
                 d. Give other cope to Johnna through the mail slot of the suite door
                 e. Fill out expense excel sheet and email to Riley and Johnna
     b. Expense excel
          i. Fill out every time you spend something or gain money. This will be done by the VPs…once we have the right excel sheet we will send it to you and teach you how to fill out! After each time send Riley and Johnna the recent update.
     c. Homecoming themes…we chose on Carnival!
     d. Food fight:
          i. Got a concern from a student and we wrote him/her back already
          ii. We want to continue to provide hope for students on campus through various events, etc. 
          iii. To help solve these type of problems, we can talk about events that we are doing at general meetings.
     e. Open floor:
          i. Outdoor classrooms??