SGA Minutes 10.31.11

General SGA Meeting
October 31, 2011

I. Devotion / Prayer
     a. Prayer Requests:
          i. Riley sickness
          ii. Praise---Rebekah’s dad is doing well!!
          iii. Shack’s gpa just died and he will be traveling back home for that

II. Approve minutes from last week…motion, second, and all unanimously approved

III. Old Business:
     a. Credit Card:
          i. You MUST actually sign out the credit card for you to use it.  If this means you co-sign it out with someone, then great but Joyce must know that you are also going to be using it, and of course inform Johnna as well.  Also, return receipts when you return the card!!!!

IV. Reports
     a. Juniors:  Coronation is coming along and the court has been talked to about stuff they need to know about.  Selling popcorn after the parade.  Kyle Peterman is going to head up the float.     
     b. Seniors:  Allie Hoskins is heading up the float.  Banquet…if you can help set up on Wednesday that would be awesome…anytime from 10 AM until when it starts at the Annex.  If you have white Christmas lights that would be awesome and let them borrow them.  Going to sell stuff during the parade for fundraising.  Angel Tree with KidPower… 
     c. Sophomores:  parade is going to have a steel drum band…have two judges so far and still need the Professor judge.  Music City Mission…going to collect food for that later on in the semester.  Lauren is going to be in charge of the float.
     d. Freshmen:  Trojan Madness:  prizes???
     e. Katie:  Next issue comes out Wednesday 
     f. Johnna: elections are happening the next couple weeks for ASB student services and then class council
     g. Jim:  Homecoming and the Jon Foreman Concert on Thursday.  Stay after its done to help clean up and it should be a quick.  Pump with the Bump is several weeks after Homecoming.  Either going to be Friday night or Saturday in Boone. Trojan Idol auditions are next Tuesday (6-8 PM), second round is Thursday night.  Maybe move dates of the actual show to Wednesday and Friday instead of Thursday and Saturday.
     h. Jeff: Football has started…16 guy teams and 7 powder puff teams.  Have heaters and bleachers out on the field.  Chess tournament in November. Have the badminton tourney in spring.   
     i. Evans:  Promote PK concert that is happening Friday
     j. Daniel:  Service project and confessions couple weeks ago was awesome!  Please come to the McCLURKAN grave site visit thing on Friday at 11 AM!!!!
     k. Betsy: next deadline coming up before Thanksgiving! 

V. New Business
     a. Walkie talkies have been purchased for us to use!
     b. Late night hours in the caf…talk to people to see what they would want
     c. Tuition talk??? Would people want to know where their money is going, could this be beneficial??
     d. Redbox on campus?? How would it be monitored??
     e. Why are there school buses in the commuter lot??
     f. Talk about leaders and athletes scholarships and getting in trouble
          i. Why isn’t everyone held to the same standards??
          ii. If there were to be a meeting, make sure everyone is represented.
          iii. More talk later…