SGA Minutes 9.12.11

General SGA Meeting
September 12, 2011

I. Devotion / Prayer
     a. Prayer Requests:
          i. Dana R.’s grandpa is not doing well
          ii. Dana F.’s sister is having a baby
          iii. Death in Hoskin’s family
          iv. Sydney’s leg
          v. Friend of Tori has leukemia
          vi. 9/11 victims
II. Old Business
     a. Open apt policy is going to SLC this Friday
          i. New hours from SLC is…M/W 6-11 or T/TH 6-11 Friday 6-12 Saturday 6-12 and Sunday 1-4, 8-12.  This will go straight to President’s cabinet next.
          ii. Motion-Daniel and Second-Dana, all approved unanimously
     b. The Suite is Preston’s baby…so if you have anything that needs to be said, email him
     c. Folders…love them and use them
III. Reports
     a. Juniors:  Meeting s are going to be on Fridays.  Class day..pillow fight or food fight.  Homecoming themes is in the works.
     b. Seniors:  Homecoming themes is in the works.  Blood drive will be their service project.  They are going to welcome the freshmen class by taking them to 5 guys and to a park and just tell them about SGA.  Class day…Rebekah is working on it.
     c. Sophomores:  meetings will be on Thursday s.  Homecoming ideas and an event are TBD.  Chapel with Toney Sparrow tomorrow. 
     d. Preston: First “The Suite” meeting was today. Purple Pandemonium is next Tuesday at the volleyball game.  Commuter breakfast is this Thursday at the commuter parking lot at 7:30 AM…also cook out for Commuters that evening.
     e. Katie:  The first issue comes out September 21st
     f. Johnna: Elections is this week…voting is Tuesday through Thursday.  Look on FB for when you are sitting.  VP’s remember that weekly minutes are supposed to come out.  We approved the freshmen candidates…motion-Dana, second-Jake, all approved unanimously. 
     g. Jim:  Gungor concert is September 23 at 8 PM. White Water Rafting is the next day (September 24)and all the spots are full! Leaving Jernigan at 10 AM and probably have sack lunches.  Committee meeting will probably start Wednesday…
     h. Jeff: 11 teams at the 3-on-3 Tourney.  Sign-ups go until Tuesday but not going to start playing until Thursday.
     i. Evans:  Still trying to figure out a good time for committee meetings.  There have been several Gungor posters in Hillsboro, Lipscomb, and Belmont.  Probably going to send out another all school email concerning the tickets and they are still on sale! 
     j. Daniel:  Campus Ministries chapel went great. October 22 is the Service project!! October 1 (Saturday)  at 10 AM is Breakfast prayer at the New Life Caf at TCC.  1st Confession time for the boys will be soon…already have a speaker.  A spiritual newsletter is going to go out probably in our boxes and in stacks around campus!
     k. Betsy:  Books are on their way!  Yearbook pictures are going to be this week Tuesday through Thursday from 11-4 and next week Tuesday through Thursday 12-5.  Release Party will be September 21 in Jernigan at 7 PM

IV. New Business
     a. Class day…Green forms…2 weeks from this Saturday!!!!
     b. Evaluations will be given out next week.
     c. Teach me How to SGA
          i. This will be using the iPad and we will make a video series of instructions of how to sit the booth with Riley, Evans, and  Johnna. It will talk about the FB wall, green forms, PR forms, what and where to put stuff,etc.
     d. Inside Trevecca Days
          i. Only 3 instead of like 8 this year. They are wanting booths set up and SGA would have several
     e. Thursday Elizabeth Dull will be speaking in chapel and there is a reception time after for all student leaders…only 50 spots so if you want one then RSVP.
     f. Profile in Leadership is next Monday September 19
     g. Also next week SGA will get 25% off anything in the bookstore!